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Dream Man by Linda Howard
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Sep 16, 2010

really liked it
bookshelves: romantic-suspense
Read in January, 2008

3 ½ stars. Overall a pretty good story, but not as good as other books by this author.

I am not a fan of stories like this – using a partial psychic visions to create mystery. Marlie has psychic visions being in the head of the killer. These are partial visions and don’t give enough information to help the police. After each vision Marlie is weak and tired and must sleep for a long time – which gives the author more to talk about.

I was annoyed several times when Marlie was in the middle of a psychic vision. Dane talks to her trying to bring her out of it. My thinking was let her finish. She needs more time in the vision to get more info.

The relationship development between Marlie and Dane was pretty good.

Phil Gigante was very good with male voices. But he was awful doing females. He made Marlie sound wimpy, whiny, and effeminate. For example: “Then by all means if it will help her, throw me to the wolves she said, her voice flat.” The narrator read this in a whiny voice - not a flat tone. The narrator made other females sound like effeminate gay guys. Don’t get me wrong, I like listening to an effeminate gay guy. But I don’t want heterosexual female characters sounding that way - with elongated vowels or whatever it is. I was annoyed. The narrator is totally wrong reading women that way. He needs to learn how to do females.

On the positive, the narrator’s breathing noises were removed - yay.

Narrative mode: 3rd person. Swearing language: strong but rarely used. Sexual language: mild to moderate. Number of sex scenes: about 5. Setting: current day Orlando, Florida. Copyright: 1994. Genre: romantic suspense.
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Norma Ok. Gotta ask. What's with the breathing noises? I never notice it. Now, of course I will. LOL

Jane Stewart Norma wrote: "Ok. Gotta ask. What's with the breathing noises? I never notice it. Now, of course I will. LOL"

If you go to audible.com, search for the book: The Indiscretion by Judith Ivory, you will see Barbara Rosenblat narrating it. Go to that page and you can play a sample. You will hear Barbara taking breaths between sentences. It’s the breaths that drive me crazy. When I am talking to someone standing or sitting next to me I don’t hear their breaths that way.

I’ve asked about this and heard two things. Someone from Audible told me that if narrators used a microphone screen it would cut out their breaths. It is like a piece of fabric over an embroidery hoop placed between the narrator’s face and the microphone.

Later an engineering student told me that breaths must be removed with editing software, after the fact. ElaineY (at Goodreads) says the same thing. She found low-cost (or free) software to do it herself, but says it’s very time consuming for her to do it. I would hope that professional editing studios could do it more easily than Elaine’s software.

So all I can do is mention it and hope that more narrators, authors and publishers will pay attention and do whatever is needed to remove the breaths.

If you notice any, I’d love it if you’d mention it. Thanks.

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