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it was amazing
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Okay, so, um, WOW. HOW DO I TALK ABOUT THIS INCREDIBLE BOOK?!! I love Derek Landy, I totally do (although I admit to being a wimp and haven't finished the last 3 Skulduggery Pleasant books because paaaaain) and eeeverything Derek Lankyish that I wanted was HERE. Like a) snortingly good humour, b) no emphasis on romance, c) blood everywhere, d) uniqueness, and e) heavy dialogue, oh oh oh and f) fast moving wickedly captivating action scenes. Like this dude can BASICALLY DO NO WRONG. Plus I'm a huge fan of the TV show Supernatural and Demon Road doesn't rip-it-off at all...but it definitely has the vibe.

PLUS THERE IS AN AWESOME CAR. Like really awesome. It eats people sometimes.
I love me that car.


I really only have TWO negatives. Because I am a picky prune.
+ The character dynamics are, um....like rereading Skulduggery Pleasant. I'M SORRY. I am in no way accusing the author of not being able to write 'new' characters. I think most of it was fresh, but at the end of the day we had Milo (kinda a Skulduggery figure) and Amber (basically Valkyrie) and then the doofus Glen (basically Fletcher). SO YEAH. #awkward
+ It was too long. Maybe this is just me? But they went on so many little detours and I kind of ground my teeth a few times. Also unnecessary details. I pretty much don't about Amber's bed routine. But whatever.

SO LET'S TALK ABOUT ALL THE AMAZINGNESS. OKAY? OKAY!! So firstly, the premise is epic. Amber is forced on a roadtrip because her parents are trying to kill her. (Family. They love ya, but they also want to eat ya.) Turns out she's a demon (!!) although excuse the cliche of hey-darl-you're-sixteen-and-now-a-demon! Because it kinda shakes things up with her parents wanting to, um, eat her. SO! That's exciting! Thanks to a helpful aunt-like-figure, Amber gets in league with this dude, Milo, (he's in his 40s) who's going her track down a dude so she can cut a deal with the Big Evil Demon and stop her parents hunting her. Because that would be nice, you know? Along the way they pick up Glen, who is an idiot, and almost always nearly dying. He's adorable. But such an idiot.

And while I'm nattering on about characters, let's just have a bit more details, right?!

+ Amber: OH AMBER AMBER HOW I LOVE AMBER. She's not your "typical" YA heroine. She's overweight and awkward and makes bad decisions and occasionally kills people. Since realising she could shift into a demon skin and running for her life, getting chased by monsters, etc. and etc...she's really lurking in a SUPER GREY AREA. I love this. I love how she's fighting for her life and worried about killing people. But it doesn't drag her into a whingey pile. She's sassy. She blabbers. She's absolutely endearing. She doesn't need to be rescued. OH. And occasionally she can shift into this skin that's red and she has horns and razor claws and -- yeah. Demony stuff goes down.
+ Milo: AH. I love Milo also. LIKE A LOT. He's not Skulduggery, don't worry, because he basically doesn't have a sense of humour. Like, he does, but he's so serious all the time. But he's very protective and he has a LOT of secrets and he's super nice. It could be weird and kinda creepy for a 16 year old and a 40yrs dude to go on a roadtrip? BUT IT'S NOT. (view spoiler)
+ Glen: Omg, he's such an idiot. Glen is like background noise. He's always flapping about breaking things and trying to "fit in" and moping and having the attention span of a gnat. He's worming his way into Amber and Milo's hearts/lives, but they both kind of just put up with him. Like a flea-bitten puppy that just won't go home, you know? STILL. Also, I was pretty (view spoiler), so that was...wow.

There sooo much sass and action and it's just MIND BLOWINGLY GOOD. Like I didn't ever want to put it down. They meet tons of weird creatures and they stab all the things and it totally resides in one big grey area. Or black area?? Like we have killers being good, and we have good people being killers. Can you kill monsters without becoming one? And Amber does A BIG BAD THING at the end that totally shocked me, because YA usually plays it so safe. So rest assured: THIS BOOK DOESN'T DALLY IN THE SAFE AREAS. I love that! Love it! Love it! Omg!

I literally have nothing to say but: GET READY TO READ THE BEST BOOK EVER. I'm pretty sure Derek Landy cannot disappoint.

**** QUOTES ****
(Peoples, these quote are from the ARC, so technically I'm not supposed to quote them, but I HAVE to show you how good this book is so you know to read it, okay?!! So just be aware these quotes are not finalised.

Amber hadn't invited any of her friends to her birthday. Her true friends, her real friends, were all online, anyway, on fansite message boards and forums. She didn't need to meet any of them in the flesh. Online, she could pretend to be popular and funny and interesting, and she didn't have to worry about disappointing anyone when her smile didn't light up the room. (pg. 36)

(omg, I love Amber. I RELATE. ONLINE FRIENDS FTW.)
"We all go through tough times."
"My parents are trying to kill me."
"We all have issues."

"I...I don't know if I'm up to this," said Glen.
"Not on your own," Milo said. "But with our help you can do it. We'll make sure."
Glen blinked. "You'd...you'd do that for me?"
"of course."
Glen started to smile, then stopped. "It's because you want me to go away, isn't it?"
"Of course." pg. 237
"You can't abandon me," said Glen. "Ever think that maybe when we met it was meant to be? Fate has thrown us together, Amber. The universe has decided that we are to be a part of each other's lives from this moment on."
"But why does the universe hate me?"
"Amber, I'm asking you to let me help you on your quest. Let me help you stay ahead of your parents. If anything happened to you, Amber, anything that I could have prevented, I'd never be able to live with myself."
"Now you know how we feel," said Milo.

"I've been to church," said Glen, standing at the window and peeking out from behind the blinds. "That is not supposed to happen. That was creepy. It was more than creepy. It was...it was very creepy.

"Go, go Demon Squad."
Buxton looked unsure.
"It's what we do, Gregory," she explained. "It's a thing. A tradition. Now that you're fighting by our side, you've got to say it, too. Go ahead."
"Uh," Buxton said, placing his huge grey hand on top of hers. "Go, go Demon Squad."
Amber laughed, dropping her arm. "Only kidding, we don't say that. You have no idea how stupid you just sounded."
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René Great review but you might want to put some spoiler boxes in there so fellow readers looking for an opinion on the story don't accidentally get it all up front without having even decided if they're going to read the book.

C.G. Drews @Rene: I don't believe I put any spoilers in there. It's a detailed review, but I don't say exactly what happens at any point.

Rachel You should read the last three skulduggery books! They are great and not painful at all!

Thalia Grace I loved this review!!! Exactly how I felt, and those are also some of my favorite quotes! XD

message 5: by Elle (new)

Elle I was about to write a review but you just said pretty much exactly what I was thinking soooo. Great review :)

C.G. Drews @Elle: Thankyou! :D

Anna I absolutely loved this book too, I only just read it and I’ve gotten so freaking attached to the characters.

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