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The Beast and Me by D.S. Wrights
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It only takes a minute to change someone's life. In this case college student Meghan Singer is drugged as she's about to enter her dorm only to wake up alone in a small dark windowless cell. She's told to be a 'good girl' and that complete cooperation is vital to her survival. The consequences if she refuses - she'll be disposed of.

Why kidnap her, an average looking nobody with no influential connections or specialized skills, and for what purpose? Why do they keep referring to Ten. Is that suppose to mean something? What's so important about the number ten?

Bottom line is Meghan will have to cooperate until she can save herself as there's no cavalry coming to rescue her and no one to care if she's living or dead.

* * * *

Warning: This isn't a fairy tale sort of romance. It is a dark themed story that includes elements of violence, dub-non con, abuse, and disturbing scenes of captivity. Consider yourself warned.

The blurb for this book references it was inspired by the fairy tale Beauty And The Beast. Ok ... it has a beast character and a female lead - beauty - character but that's where it ends for me. I tried hard to come up with what I felt was more appropriate but really couldn't. That's a compliment to the author. She's found a unique nitch that isn't easily identifiable with other books that I've read. Rather than Beauty And The Beast I'd say this is more along the lines of Eve Langlais's C791 or Mina Carter's Perfect Mate.

The story is told in first person POV as Meghan journals her experiences as they happen in a diary. This will appeal to those who love mystery and suspense as pieces begin to fall into place on the who/what/when/where surrounding her circumstances. I'll admit that I did break my norm and checked out The Beast In Me (a cheat of sorts I know) because I couldn't take it anymore. The not knowing. Didn't tell me much but just to know that the next installment was available....

There is a 'horror' tag for this book. IMHO I have to disagree. Dark is totally appropriate with secondary tags for abuse and dub/non con. Above those, there really isn't a horror element. The author does prominently provide warnings for those readers with triggers. That means only readers who appreciate fictional dark themed reads should read this book/series. IMHO though, the dark isn't overly dark so for those, like me, who are fans of fantasy capture/dark themed books - no sweat.

In looking at the core romance. I'm not going to go into this because the author is vague in the blurb and I hate to spoil the reading experience for others. I am on the fence however for various reasons that relate directly to Meg and Ten. First is that the back stories are incomplete. As I tried to decide if I agreed or not with different scenes and actions, I would have appreciated to have known more about Meghan pre abduction. After all, someone studying business administration would react differently than someone studying criminal justice or nursing or computer sciences. On the other hand, military personnel also are trained with different mind sets depending. It's the details that make fiction a possible reality.

As for the adult content. There is mention of dub/non con scenes so potential readers already are aware of that. In looking at the totality of the scenes though, the adult content does transition to consensual sensual and erotic action between the central characters*. Not to any great degree of graphic detail but I guess we can't always get what we want.
* I did say main characters

The secondary characters did compliment the overall storyline. There were a couple glitches that gave me pause but for the most part Peter, Mr. White, and many many unnamed characters did their job in supporting the plot.

My issues were more from the technical and editorial side of things. Numerous typo misspellings and grammatical errors were irritating though for the purchase price of $1.99 (346 pages) I can live with it. It's the voids and unresolved details that I felt were problematic. There were also portions that dragged and didn't flow effortlessly from scene to scene. They seemed forced and capsulated. I was on the fence with an end 3.5 star rating but as there is potential, drifted to the 4. I am interested to see where this story goes as it ends, in not a cliffhanger, but a plateau tease.

This is a book that fans of fictional dark capture reads should check out, though some portions may push comfort levels. Those with triggers with abuse tags might want to stay clear of this one as there are multiples scenes of violence. I myself enjoyed the story and already downloaded The Beast In Me.
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