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Force of Gravity by Kelly Stevenson
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Unteachable ruined everything for me.

Had I not read UT before The Force of Gravity, I probably would've rated this 4 stars. I'm telling you, everything.

As I've mentioned again and again, student-teacher books rate about as high in my preference list as shifter dolphin ménage books rate low. (It does exist, by the way. I cried too.)
Knowing this, it should come as no surprise that I jumped on TFoG when I learned of its existence.

Now, let me tell you a little about the characters.

I'm going to start with the teacher, and you'll understand why later. Or maybe you won't. I have a weird thought process.
Anyway, his name is Elijah, and like any smart person, this is how I pictured him all along:

Yes, it was about his name at first. BUT when I think about it, I have to admit the similarities are there: hot guy, always wearing suits, older (he IS about 2000 years old in the series, after all), and he's always the voice of reason.
The only things missing are fangs. And the whole serial killer thing. (Let's be honest, they all kill about as often as we brush our teeth, and with the same amount of guilt. I'm talking about Vampire Diaries, BTW. Not the book.)

But I'm rambling.

Next we have Kaley. AND because Elijah was, well, the other Elijah in my head, (if you're lost, that makes two of us. it'll become clearer later. Maybe.) I just HAD to cast the MC as Katherine.

Part of it is because she briefly dates Elijah (in TVD), but most of it was because I love her. She's pretty, and I like pretty people.
Also she's a bitch. What's not to love ?
(Still talking about Katherine here, not Kaley. Sorry.)

Just like with Elijah, you have to admit the similarities are there: the first two letters of their names are the same ! Ahem.

Then you have Tommy, (what is he, five?) Laney's boyfriend.
In a nutshell, he's an asshole.

"You know you'd never leave me"

How's your ego, these days, asshole ?

He wouldn't be alive if he'd said that to me. Unfortunately, Kaley doesn't share the same violent urges. Fortunately, she still has a good reaction.

"I glare back at him. “You know what, asshole? Watch me."

You go girl !!

(view spoiler)

There are a few other minor characters that I won't get into because, well, laziness.

The plot is exactly what you would expect for a student-teacher book. A shiny new (hot) teacher arrives and the MC falls head over heels in love or in lust with him. Of course, the sentiment is shared. Because you couldn't get your HEA otherwise, and we all know how important these are.

There's one thing that is always lacking in teacher-student romance, and it's questioning.
We all know we're drawn to the frobidden -how many of us did something that was verboten and enjoyed ourselves immensely because of it ? Don't lie.

Knowing we're drawn to the forbidden, how could you not wonder if you're attraction towards you teacher or student is not just an attraction to the forbidden. This is one thing that was handled really well in Unteachable (I'm still trying to find smething wrong with that book, honestly. But no. Not even a typo.)

Another problem I've encountered with s-t books is the lack of characterization and personality to start with.
I've often noticed that the characters felt hollow. When I read a book, I want to understand the characters and their motivations.

Why do they do what they do ? Why do they think what they think ? Who made them that way ?

I want a background, and I want to see the influence this background has on the characters.

Like most, Gravity lacked these elements. I honestly think that, if not for the forbidden aspect of their relationship, Elijah and Kaley would never be attracted to each other.

They don't know each other. They don't even know themselves. (At least Kaley doesn't, I can't say anything for Elijah, since the book wasn't in his POV.)

I had a huge problem with the way cheating was presented in this book.

(view spoiler)
Despite all these examples, it's alwways the same. The cheated forgives the cheater. The cheater does not find any kind of retribution and absolutely no sentiment of guilt or shame is expressed.

This book is shelved as YA on Goodreads, and this is not what I'd like teenagers think cheating is.

Yes, there should be retributions. No, the cheated shouldn't forgive so easily.

Despite all the problems I had with this book, I found myself enjoying it immensely.

The writing was better than I expected, and I rather liked the main character.

3.5 stars
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