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Fans of the Impossible Life by Kate Scelsa
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Sooo many emotions right now, humans. SO MANY EMOTIONS. I thought this was going to be a solid 5-star read, but there just a few niggling details that I wasn't okay with so it's basically a 4.5 star read and it's STUPENDOUS and I loved it and wow. I'm not a very emotional reader, gah, I know. It's a failing. But I felt totally caught up in this book. It glued itself to my soul. IT JUST DID. I wanted to laugh and cry and maybe break a brick wall and definitely craved pizza. I am a fan of this book. (har har did you get it?! DID YOU?!!! Okay...never mind.)

How do I even sum up its beautifulness?! It's about three kids, Jeremy, Mira, and Sebby and they each narrate a bit, but all in a different style. Jeremy is in 1st person, Mira is in 3rd, and Sebby (who doesn't have a lot of chapters) is in 2nd person. IT WAS INCREDIBLE! I've never read a book that used all 3 before and it flowed and I'm such a fan. (I swear I'll stop saying fan soon except....maybe I won't because PUN. HA.)

And we gotta talk about these characters. I loved them ALL. They were all so...dimensional. Like they felt real and I felt so so connected I just wanted to hug them all forever. And they're incredibly messed up. Omg, adorable little messed up darlings.

MIRA: Wow, Mira, I just adored her. I JUST DID. She wasn't skinny and struggled with her self-image, and she loved thrift shopping (me too! although I don't do it for art...I do it because I'm stingey) and she had chronic fatigue and depression. And she was just so relatable. My soul BURNED for her when people just dismissed her depression as "nothing" and "something she could control if she really wanted to". Omg no no noooo. And her depression was written SO PERFECTLY. WOW.
SEBBY: I always love the messed up broken sassy characters so so much and Sebby was no exception. ADORABLE LITTLE FOOL. I wanted to strangle him at the end but, ya know, in a good way. He was impeccably written. I loved his sass and his quips and how he was just this explosion of life and colour and glitter. He gay and a foster kid and has had a tortured past too.
• JEREMY: I got worried when we were introduced to Jeremy because he's...shy. Don't get me wrong. I LOVE SHY. I am shy. But so often I feel like shy characters get "fixed" and turned into party animals in order to have a "good life". Bah humbug. ANYWAY. JEREMY WASN'T LIKE THAT!! Thank the bookish heavens. He did come out of his shell a bit, but he stayed quiet. Proof that you can have friends and a life and still be quiet. Also he's an artist and has been through A Big Traumatic Thing. Basically I related to Jeremy a lot. SHY PEOPLE UNITE! Um....individually. Probably online. Maybe never. Whatever.

...I loved the character development and I think it was just so real. And THESE THREE KINDA BROKE MY HEART SEVERAL TIMES. They definitely go down as some of my favourite character friendships of ever.

Althooooough. There is romance. And I confess; I'm not into three-way-romances. I guess it's like a triangle? But where each part of the triangle is kissing the other part...so a REAL triangle. But yeah. I mean, they're teens, they're questioning, and I think it was written well. BUT. I'm just not a fan (omg, kill me before I say that word again) of it.

Also, while I'm being a gloom cloud, let me do a quick list of what bothered me. And the reason it slightly missed out on the 5-stars:
• So Mira has chronic fatigue at the beginning and then...boom. It just goes missing. Like it literally disappears. NOT OKAY. Just because your life is going well doesn't mean your illnesses will vanish.
• Mira also is on a diet to help with her fatigue and she kind of just ignores it and scorns her mum. I gET THIS. I've gone through copious allergy diets myself, and tbh, they do work. So I felt Mira was really immature about this. Her mum really loved her and wanted to help her, and Mira was too immature to see that. *sigh*
• The plot didn't really wrap up at the end. WHICH IS KINDA REAL-LIFE. But I think it had too many loose threads.

...but all that aside this was simply a magical book. It's about growing up and sadness and struggling with figuring out who you are. It's about love. IT'S ABOUT SMUSHING READER'S HEARTS INTO LITTLE BALLS AND STOMPING ON THEM AND LAUGHING. Omg, I haven't been this emotionally involved in a book since...um, okay, yesterday. BUT STILL. I don't usually get so attached to contemporaries! I'm a fantasy-geek! But this was everything I want with sassy and relatable characters and funny dialogue.


(....I had to. I just did.)


(This is a conversation between Mira and her teacher, and I REALLY liked it. I liked how it brought attention to the fact that even if you might like something, it still might not be you. And you need to live for you or you're going to make yourself miserable.)
"So what were you hiding?"
"Well, I was in a relationship with someone who had a lot of very grand ideas about life. She wanted to travel the world and live out of a suitcase and have these big adventures. And I wanted to believe that I could be like her, and keep up with her. But actually I was resenting her and resenting myself for not just admitting that I wasn't that person. I like to travel and see the world, but at the end I want to come home and have a quiet life where I wake up at the same time every day and go to the same place and get to feel like I'm doing something worthwhile."

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Lau's Books I just started reading it and your review makes me want to finish it right now!! :p

C.G. Drews @Lauryn: Yayyy I AM SO GLAD. ;D

message 3: by Eve (new) - rated it 5 stars

Eve I read this book a few months ago and YES BEAUTIFUL CHARACTERS AAH. It do agree with your problems, though. MIRAA WHY. But overall I still thought it was super awesome + fun + I am for sure a fan. :P

Lau's Books so I finished it ... and I'm still processing I Guess XD

Bridget I just finished this!!! I did just send you a friend request but my cat just walked over my phone so I didn't get to answer why I wanted to become your friend! I just did because this review was so fab and basically summed up what I thought of the book!! :)

Betty I may be wrong, but I think Mira's chronic fatigue is actually more of depression and suicidal feelings. Page 21 explains that when Mira tells her mother she is "tired, tired," that it is a code between the two of them. Depressed to the point of suicide attempt(s).

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