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The Partnership by Steven J. Harper
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Sep 14, 2010

really liked it
bookshelves: legal-thrillers

Steven J. Harper's The Partnership is like a fine wine that takes time and age to appreciate, although in this case the "age" refers to the pages of the book. Lacking the volume of a John Grisham legal thriller, it does not lack in rich characters or in slowly building development and a heck of a payoff.

As a worker in the legal field myself, I found The Partnership to be authentic in its legal dealings, if not a little bit disconcerting in the struggling and backstabbing that goes on behind closed office doors. Mr. Harper's litigation roots come through in his descriptive writing without the novel sounding technical or simply spouting legal jargon.

Unusual in a novel, the main characters are not wholly likable nor people you would normally root for. They are all flawed, some more deeply than others and some so driven by their compulsive need to win at all costs that they could be absolutely unrelatable if not for Mr. Harper's slow but steady interweaving storyline.

And its core, though, The Partnership is about a struggle for power and control, between good and evil, with love, lust, greed and corruption in the eye of the political hurricane. The measured and deliberate crescendo that builds throughout the book reminds me of the one-time popular miniseries, with the first night being the set up and the payoff coming on the last night.

Read The Partnership and you will think twice about how glamorous the legal profession is in the large, major law firms and you will also get an unfettered look into the board room without the rose colored glasses.

I recommend The Partnership to any readers who enjoy the legal genre and legal thrillers but don't expect high action on every page.

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