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The Hollow Boy by Jonathan Stroud
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Ow my... before I start whatever review I will write, let me do the silent scream first... ******************************************************************************************

Yup, that's it. I needed it because of how the book ended.

I've been busy recently with all the never-ending budget and cash flow meetings, so I didn't read any book in almost 2 weeks but when I got this book, which I've been desperately waiting for, surely I put aside everything even the matters one.

Lockwood & Co. again everyone... and this one is the best book of the series so far. I mean the story is advancing, the characters are growing, and Mr. Stroud is awesome.

With all of the previous success jobs, following the popularity that brings them a lot of new clients which means more jobs or probably too much jobs to handle, less time to rest and even no more time to fold the laundries. That's why Lockwood decided to hire an assistant, not an agent, but an assistant to do all the administrative and domestic jobs in Portland Row but sensitive enough so whenever they need additional agent, the assistant could join them in the field.

Well, because of this new assistant, Holly, the new conflict that we never have before in the previous two books started, I think Lucy is jealous or she started to have a crush on Lockwood, even the skull in the jar notices it. However, this book is too good and too awesome to be disturbed by cheesy romance but still, since I'm pro Lucy, I'm also irritated by Holly's present. Somehow, she's too perfect, just too good to be true, which is suspicious to me. Though in the end, her present started to make senses.

The main case of this book is mysterious Chelsea outbreak, the biggest outbreak that so far ever happened in London, for almost two months agencies and DEPRAC are working on it with no outcomes at all. Lockwood didn't like it, not because of the outbreak but because there is no invitation for his agency to join the force. So, Holly picked them a job in Hanover Square to deal with bloody footprints that appear in the enormous stairs in Miss Fiona Wintergarden's house. You know what, that's why I said Mr. Stroud is awesome, I mean, he successfully made me decided to close the book and sleep because that night was raining, I slept alone, so somehow I felt the chill and reading about Lockwood, Lucy and George waiting for the phenomenon to happen in that stairs sounds like a very bad idea at that time.

Just as always, they could finish the job, though in the end Lockwood is injured to save Lucy who somehow decided to test her talent with the wrong ghost (though according to Lockwood, there is no right ghost either).

Anyway, because of that, Miss Wintergarden praised them and recommended them to be part of the Chelsea outbreak forces. That's how the amazing things happen, as always, George is the genius one (he reminds me of Hermione's male version), Lockwood is Lockwood, mysterious and calm, Lucy, still cool and awesome, and now there is also Holly, perfect and efficient. Together they are awesome team, but being awesome is not enough, what they need is more agents to help them. Here, the Kipps and his team entered the picture. Can you imagine, Draco Malfoy and Harry Potter are working together? It's not going to happen, but Kipps, no matter how obnoxious he is, knows that he has responsibility to end the outbreak because he already lost one of his agent because of that. So, like it or not, they should work together because DEPRAC didn't give any chance nor the additional agents to assist Lockwood, so he decided to work on it with his team alone assisted by Kipps' team.

Surprisingly, it has been two months for DEPRAC and all the agencies to find the source in the center of the Chelsea outbreak, but the genius George found something else entirely, he pointed out Aickmere Brothers department store, which history stated has an underground prison that could be the source of the outbreak. Here, Lucy's talent is tested again. Lockwood is right, she is powerful and getting stronger. And it almost cost her own life this time which led her to make a very hard decision about her future in Lockwood & Co.

Feuh... such a long review to write in the morning. I suggest you to read it yourself so you could experience all the awesomeness of this book yourself.

Happy Weekend everyone...

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