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A Kind of Compulsion by George Orwell
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holyfuckingshit40000.blogspot.com , 20 volume Orwell set. Brand new, at the College. Absolute political, prosaic, poetic, epistolary, and, of course, most importantly, proletarian dopeness. Orwell is also clearly a master poetic architect possessing and wielding, once again, his signature immensity of clarity. This one I found appropriate for the current autumnal/summer meteorological tumults:

Summer-like for an instant the autumn sun bursts out,
And the light through the turning elms is green and clear;
It slants down the path and the ragged marigolds glow
Fiery again, last flames of the dying year.

A blue-tit darts with a flash of wings, to feed
Where the coconut hangs on the pear tree over the well;
He digs at the meat like a tiny pickaxe tapping
With his needle-sharp beak as he clings to the swinging shell.

The he runs up the trunk, sure-footed and sleek like a mouse,
And perches to sun himself; all his body and brain
Exult in the sudden sunlight, gladly believing
That the cold is over and summer is here again.

But I see the umber clouds that drive for the sun,
And a sorrow no argument ever can make away
Goes through my heart as I think of the nearing winter,
And the transient light that gleams like the ghost of May;

And the bird unaware, blessing the summer eternal,
Joyfully labouring, proud in his strength, gay-plumed,
Unaware of the hawk and the snow and the frost-bound nights,
And of his death foredoomed.

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