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The Caves of Steel by Isaac Asimov
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Sep 13, 2010

really liked it
bookshelves: robots, speculative-fiction, mystery, crime

I know I read this when I was quite young -- ten or so -- but I found I remembered very, very little of it. I used to read Isaac Asimov obsessively, at that age: the library wouldn't let me take the books out myself, so my mother did it. I racked up an amazing fine for her by keeping The Positronic Man for months.

Anyway, so it's partially nostalgia that makes me love The Caves of Steel so much. And partially my new appreciation for crime novels. Asimov's short mystery stories were very easy to guess; The Caves of Steel, not so much. I had a feeling about the culprit, after a while, but mostly because his innocence kept going unquestioned.

I'm really quite fond of Elijah and Daneel. There's enough of characterisation and personal investment there for that, and for me to be eager to read more of their adventures. I got quite embarrassed for Elijah when he kept getting things wrong -- but it led to the eventual conclusion, so that was nice. Asimov's pretty good at pulling everything together like that.
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September 13, 2010 – Started Reading
September 13, 2010 – Shelved
September 13, 2010 –
10.0% "I know I read this when I was very young, but I remember so very little of it! Oh well, this will be fun. So far, remembering the general anti-robot climate from other Asimov books."
September 13, 2010 –
20.0% "Reaaaally can't remember this at aaaall. But I'm enjoying it, even if I cringed through the last scene because I always hate when people are unknowingly bigots in front of the people they're being bigoted about."
September 13, 2010 –
25.0% "Definitely enjoying it so far, and the anti-robot bigotry plot thread is interesting. I do love Elijah, with his strong sense of duty overriding his personal objections... I can be like that, too. Anyway, time to break off and go to bed."
September 17, 2010 –
40.0% "Back to reading this. I got stuck a bit on the chapter where Elijah Gets Things Very Wrong -- stuff like that is hard for me to read, usually. I get embarrassed for the characters."
September 17, 2010 –
53.0% "Back to enjoying this. There are some characters I find Rather Suspicious at this point in time by virtue of the fact we're assuming their innocence..."
September 20, 2010 –
66.0% "I wish Elijah would stop doing that. I keep getting all embarrassed for him in his wrongness."
September 20, 2010 –
78.0% "Well, that made me feel better about ignoring someone's motivations. Yay."
September 20, 2010 –
90.0% "Eek! And, you know, I still don't remember this book properly."
September 20, 2010 –
100.0% "Heeeee."
September 20, 2010 – Finished Reading

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message 2: by Evamaria (new)

Evamaria Heh. I was also an avid Asimov reader as a young teen - and I always liked Elijah and Daneel. Especially Daneel, who I had a bit of a Spock-like crush on. :)

I only found out that Asimov had linked the robot novels and the Foundation trilogy a few years ago, though, when I discovered the complete series at a friend's (and promptly read it all).

Catherine 'CatBar' UK Barber 'CatBar' UK Yes I too had a huge crush on Daneel - and on Giskard too!

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