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it was ok

Book 22/100 for 2015


This book really didn't do anything for me. I was expecting great things because of the incredible hype surrounding the book, but I was bored throughout. I felt like the romance between Joe and Lennie was WAY too sudden (He just randomly shows up at her house one day and then begins to invite himself into the house every morning with croissants? Also, they kiss and then a few days later they are in love?) and her ongoing crisis between picking Toby or Joe made me want to slap her silly.
I didn't like her writing style for the most part. A few times a great sentence would stand out to me, but I felt like she did more "telling" than "showing". She would always say how a character "gave [Lennie] an irritated look", but didn't describe what that looked like. She also used weird phrases such as "WTF-asaurus", which just ????? It makes me so uncomfortable when authors try to relate to their teen readers by adding weird lingo (example: Being Audrey Hepburn by Mitchell Kriegman).
Finally, none of the characters stood out to me. I kind of hated Lennie and I have no idea why? She seemed pretentious to me with her poetry and being a "book snob" and all of her deep thoughts, but also childish. She was basically a big mess (which I know is a large part of the book, her being a mess, but she always compared herself to others and infuriatingly jumped to huge conclusions).
I also didn't cry which is very unusual for me (I sobbed in the movie Bridesmaids if that tells you anything). Everyone was saying how this book wrecked them, but I had dry eyes throughout it all.

On the positive side, though, this book was a page turner and I really did want to see how it all finished. I flew through this book in only a couple of hours and I was satisfied with the ending.

I'm sorry for the big rant, but I was really disappointed with this book and I was hoping that it would be able to get me out of my reading slump.
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Ferooo2005 great! at last i found someone who didn't like this book like me... lol

Zoë Ferooo2005 wrote: "great! at last i found someone who didn't like this book like me... lol"

That's what I love about Goodreads, you will always find someone who felt the same as you about a book!

message 3: by Federica (new)

Federica I tried reading this before and I didn't even finish it. I really hated Lennie too for the same reasons you did and I definitely think that the hype surrounding this book made the experience less enjoyable.

Laurence R. I read this book a very long time ago and I didn't remember much of it when I added it on Goodreads, but now I remember... I picked this book up randomly and was going to forget everything about it, because I didn't like anything about it, but people started telling me that it was their favorite book, which I couldn't understand at all. I think the romance is what really made me dislike this book, because I couldn't even understand why they would fall in love. It all felt rushed and weird, not romantic at all. Even though I can't remember much of it, I know that I never felt attached to Lennie, for a reason that I couldn't explain. I thought I was the only one who didn't get the hype around this book because of how many great reviews I heard about it, so I'm glad I found someone who understands me a little bit!

Ferooo2005 Laurence wrote: "I read this book a very long time ago and I didn't remember much of it when I added it on Goodreads, but now I remember... I picked this book up randomly and was going to forget everything about it..."

yes yes yes.. didn't like anything about this book. i didn't even feel her grief and sadness and never really cared about the characters too. it took me more than a week to finish it although it's rather short. i'm just so happy now that there r ppl out there who felt the same way.. thought i was the only one.. yaaaaay!!

Krystal yup I feel exactly the same too. I feel like it was pretty over hyped and for me just didn't deliver in the way I hoped it would. The love story was definitely too rushed and didn't make a lot of sense especially with the whole falling in love thing so quickly as well and the characters were alright but not characters I could find myself falling in love with or easily relating to and the poetry was actually kind of annoying in the book but it wasn't the worst book I have read but not the best either.

Nikki Have you read I'll Give You the Sun? If so, did you like it?

message 8: by Amy (new) - added it

Amy I couldn't get through it either, I thought it was just me but I'm glad that I'm not alone.

Kaya I read "I'll Give You The Sun" and absolutely loved it. It is one of my favorites. I've really wanted to read this one as well but I'm putting it off because I have high expectations. Ahh. Anyway, you should try her other book because it, to my extent of knowledge, sounds a lot different from this one.

message 10: by Fana (new)

Fana Meles Wow, I completely agree (and I hate to just throw that phrase around). But honestly, after I read the little summary on the inner flap of the book, I was excited. I thought that I had finally found the quirky teen novel that wasn't too cheesy but perfectly balanced with pain and love. And unfortunately, I was sort of wrong.
Now this isn't to say that the book itself was bad, but I personally felt that it was just too unrealistic to enjoy at times. Like when Joe was introduced as a character, I instantly knew that he and Lennie would eventually fall in love. And I was interested in watching his relationship with Lennie grow and develop. But then out of no where, she randomly starts to get involved with Toby. So I never truly felt that Lennie and Toby were even a couple because it all seemed to happen way too fast and there seemed to be no structure in their relationship. And on top of that, the author seemed to be trying too hard to write in a language that was appealing to adolescents. The lingo was way too cheesy and only added to the unrealistic vibe. Because I am a teen, it was easy for me to see where the author was incorporating actual themes that teens could relate to and where she was sort of making things up. And although I am not familiar with all of the new jargon that every teen uses, I know for sure that the author was attempting to relate with her teen audience by using really dramatic, quirky phrases and words. .And the truth is that there ARE teens who find the language that she uses to be funny and enjoyable. But I personally just found it to be very annoying and distracting.

message 11: by nina (new) - rated it 2 stars

nina god, thanks for existting! i kept feeling guilty because i didn't find this book as good as everyone else did!!!

Malissa Bishop I believe in love at first site, been married to mine almost 3 years and knew each other longer :) Sometimes love is sudden, there are no real rules to it

message 13: by Reem (new) - added it

Reem A Thank god. I am fighting my way through it. kindle says am 50% into it and for the life of me I can't keep going. I agree with this review 100%

message 14: by [deleted user] (new)

I fully agree. I heard many great things and went into the book excited and came out of it greatly disappointed.

Renny Danston Damn that sucks because I just bought the book and I trust all your reviews

Laojimmy998 AH-GREED

Asma'a Felimban don't understand at all what the hype all about with her ...

P.s I hope Selena make a bitter job the her

Valentina I trudged through it but yeah it was lacking to a fault.

Asma'a Felimban I agree completely zoe i hated the girl and then i liked her then i hate her and them i just cant relate to her cause all i really wanna do is slap her silly cause she is so spoiled to be honest by these two boys and they cant i mean non of them got there selfe together a little bit joe but not that mush and i dont know why his brothers were encouraging him to get back together even with all the flowers which i could slap her if she was related to me of she took from my hard working blood leeking for it garden never mind nd the fact of your fortion but i think your an idiot lenni i would give her months to het over her of i ever saw her do this and even joe the point is this girl should have looked at her life a look before she kissed let alone let any boy in her house and let her self breathe for a minute morn her sister help her grandma have fun with her girl friends ds ...mot go around kissing people and thinking its her god right to kiss anyone like that freely before she review her own self that is dam right selfish.. thank you and goodnight ... sorry im just do damn rightiose realistic person ...🤚🏻

Cri (PaperbacksandPizza) I thought I was the only one who didn't like this book!

Maggie Moritz I agree! I also think it's weird how she kept talking about Wuthering Heights, like it's a relationship to aspire to. It made no sense to me.

Rachel Greenberg Just finished this book. If I could post my own review it would be super similar to this.

message 23: by Dora (new) - rated it 2 stars

Dora yes same i guess i was expecting too much and then i was kinda ehh with this book. I mean I haven't finished it yet but im more than a half throughout this book and im really disappointed...

Toast I didn't cry at all either people we're talking about a sad scene and I had no idea where it even was

Оцм Дума well ! you said it all. Thank you.

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