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Mockingjay by Suzanne Collins
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ahhh, goodreads, have you missed me?

once i finally got my copy of "mockingjay" (and, yes, i mean finally - so much for preordering on amazon!), and once i finally found some time to read, it took me about 3 hours on a cool saturday afternoon to finally figure out what happens to katniss, peeta, gale, prim, and the lot.

i've always felt - from book one, that is - that pacing is not collins' strong point. the books always seem to get better once the kiddos get to "the game" - much like in harry potter when you're just waiting for the gang to get to hogwarts already. however, in this installment, i think i preferred the first half to the latter - watching katniss decide to embody what others have wanted her to be for so long was by far the most compelling struggle in the novel. i will spare the details of the end, but say, for me, the end was predictable (i called every major death and even the "twist" at the end) and while i was proud of collins for not copping out of some pre-existing plot complications, many of the deaths felt needless and random. but maybe that's the point - in a war, maybe that's how all deaths should feel.

collins' strengths here are in maintaining the characterization of katniss- not an easy task to do over the course of three books - and creating character growth for her that feels real and appropriate. she somehow makes this surly, untrusting girl likable and heroic. my heartstrings, however, never felt pulled... or even gently tugged. maybe i'm an automaton - but i just didn't feel the need to cry at the end of this - and perhaps its denied catharsis is the book's largest failing.

overall, i really enjoyed this dystopic series; i'd love it if i could convince any of my high school students to read it.

oh, and, yes, i'm still team peeta to the bitter, bitter end.
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Jillian can i borrow this???? i will love you forever.

by the way, i love your mass updates. they tickle me silly!

Lauren Fidler i will bring it to you today (if i remember!)

message 3: by [deleted user] (new)

your review kinda describes the book to a t.

Jill i cried at the end. it was a short, gentle sort of cry, but it was a cry. :)

Jess Any series that can make me cry with each book deserves five stars from me in my eyes. It's not perfect and it's predictable in parts but it wrenched emotion out of me in a way that... Well I can't remember. It's going to stay with me. And isn't that the most important thing, after all?

Jess And yes, Team Peeta ftw.

message 7: by [deleted user] (new)

I knew team peeta would win in the end.

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