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Unchanged by Jessica Brody
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it was amazing

** spoiler alert ** I'm sitting here trying to find the right words, the right sentences, the right ways to describe and portray how invigorating this book is and how grateful i am to the author to the characters and to the plot in general. As a reader i am grateful. As a writer i am even more grateful. I read more and more books everyday and i learn something diff from each book. From this series i learned that you don't have to use big foreign words to link sentences and actions together. I learned that if u stick with ur idea, give it time to nurture it, to let it grow into a vision then all will be well at the end. And a writer i learned that alot of research had to be made to make this story believable. Ofc i always knew that but this series like the TMI series had so many terms and references that it made the story seem like an actual story.

Like all stories, you get sucked into a diff world, live the lives of diff people and lose yourself in the process. This book did the same but the thing about this series is, i was lost even when i was back on earth. I've never experienced a series that had me chained to the next chapter like there's am invisible magnetic pull. The reading was smooth and it never got boring for me. Reading this was as smooth as oil or damp skin ( lol ) ahhhh what am trying to say is that i love this series too much!

i love how profound it is...
I love the character development...
I love the answered questions, questions we had from the beginning...
I love how Diotech grew to be something more than just the company that stole Sera's memories...
i love how even though its fiction there are some elements that can be learned from it and there are some elements that we can easily see in our reality today, so much has been derived from the real world.


Now lets talk details. Can we take a moment to swoon over the seemingly dashing Zen? Who knew that their first meet in this book wouldn't be filled with longing stares or heart felt poems?! I love how the author here changed him made it seem that he is in fact older and miserable and ahhh. This was not the predictable reunion. He built a tough exterior trying to protect himself from the heart but we still saw that he deeply cared about Sera.

I loved that even though Cody is dead the author brought a semblance of him. His great grandson. We still had that connection to Sera's old life.

I was wondering from the start about Klo. Why was he acting so suspicious? I loved that he ended being a part of Jenza's team!

The interview on the day of the Unveiling was spot on. I truly loved everything about it. The floating cameras, the camouflage thingies that stick to ur clothes, the hostess, Dr.A's cool demeanour and the way he spoke eloquently and charasmatically and just the entire thing was .....

I knew Zen would send a question to Moshima! SZ1609 !!!!! I knew it I freaking susjabsftebggucndnfifkfnnj!!!!!

The whole camp that belonged to the riots reminded me of The Host ( the movie i haven't read the book ) only because Sera was in a camp full of riots and they all hate her and Zen who is supposedly her loving boyfriend is wary of her and fighting an internal battle.

Oh my L. ... Did you expect Sera to be really a part of Rio's genetics? That she truly shared a DNA? That was truly something. Seriously i loved that plot twist. And it serves to show u how the author is creative in that aspect. And it just totally makes sense now! Why Rio is so in love with her and taken with her as a daughter! I love Rio so much why did he have to diiieeeeeeeeeee??????

Ohhhhh how Sera was always creeped out by that tree! Now we know why. Poor Seriana :'( she just wanted to spend time with her daddy...

I felt like Dr.A 's fall-down was well deserved and "poetic justice" comes to mind.

What did you guys think of the ending?

I still have the unanswered question of Dane and Dr.A's relationship status.

Oh one more thing to point out!

Remember how Sera mentioned that The Providence is an entity that is hiding in plain sight and that we will never be able to see them but we can destroy them by eradicating their fuel, their power? She did that at the end as we know but I loved that we don't know what happened exactly to The Providence. No mention of them at all. Which brings us back to what Sera said that we will never see them we will never know them b we can extinguish their fire.

Jessica Brody, thank you. I love you.
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Rebecca worded perfectly and I agree. as for Dane and Dr. A, I feel it was implied with that moment Sera walked in on.

It did bug me how Dr. A kept asking about their personal business and I kept screaming, in my head, "it's none of your business; tell him Sera." Sort of the same thing when Jenza kept telling Sera to stick to the script. I was like "ing sera tell her to be quiet."

I thank the author for those moments though because it added to the story. I wasn't frustrated or mad at her rather the characters themselves as if I was Sera.

Rebecca *OMG not ing. stupid phone :/

Rebecca *OMG not ing. stupid phone :/

Emma My favourite of the trilogy. Thought the ending was great. :)

Reem Alomari Oh my God I'm reading this review now and there are so many cringe worthy sentences. This needs fixing haha

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