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The Women of Brewster Place by Gloria Naylor
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Sep 09, 2010

The Women of Brewster Place is an astonishing novel written by Gloria Naylor that has multiply stories about different women who each have their own stories but in a way are similar to one another. These women have gone through there own path of tribulation that has helped them to gain strength in order to deal with these difficult hardships. One important motif in the novel that had an impact on these women was how these men abandoned them when signs of hardship and responsibility came around. The men in each of these women’s lives share the same behaviors of being irresponsible. For example, Butch Fuller is irresponsible because when times are “sour;” like he stated in the novel, he is not around. This also explains how he and the other men like him, are selfish because Butch Fuller would rather live up to his philosophy of living in the moment- the “good times” than being responsible and committed to what is really important-which is settling down and starting a family.

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