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Paxton Pride by Kerry Newcomb
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Jul 26, 2017

did not like it
bookshelves: america, historical, series, western

1.5 stars

I just want to say, even if I don't end up liking/enjoying the books you all recommend to me, I always get something out of them. I greatly appreciate the time and effort you all take to think of me.
Thank you to Belinda for the recommendation.

Part 1 comments

Part 2 comments

Part 3 was were I kicked my skim reading into gear. I just couldn't, y'all. The almost raped yet once again heroine scene after scene had me exhausted. To say this story is problematic would be sugar coating it. The third part the hero and heroine hardly spend any time together as hero has run away to get over his blaming of the heroine for losing their child. Heroine miraculously sheds her city persona and becomes Annie Oakley and takes to running the ranch. Men love her for it and of course, women are jealous of her. The men loving, women hating is so extreme in this, bleh.

Heroine ends up getting kidnapped by villain, lives under constant threat of rape from him, another glorious scene where villains sexual aggressiveness starts to turn her on, a very woman's no can easily be turned into a I really want it yes. An almost gang rape scene, heroine gets tossed and stripped in a circle of men before they are interrupted.
I just don't know how I could stand the romance of it all!!!!

These older, longer saga romance reads typically would do a great job with incorporating historical detail and creating a very clear setting, this one is no exception; I enjoyed the western setting. The sexism and racism just ended up ruining it for me.

She was much woman, this one. There was much spirit in her---a real woman's spirit. Not like the temperamental Marcelina. The little one knew how to please a man, knew instinctively and exquisitely where and how to touch him, how to move. But such a girl was for a moment and no longer. There were many more like her. The woman at the fire was one of strength, of character as strong as the hills and rocks themselves. A man who was blessed with the love of such a senorita would need no other woman except occasionally, for the sake of diversion.

Because of course, the Latina SIXTEEN year old girl is just a natural sexual being, while the white woman only encapsulates the highest virtues. Which, I have to say, home girl only started to lose her spoiled ass attitude only about three chapters back, so singing her virtues seems a bit premature. Also, because I simply can't keep the horror to myself, the sixteen year old and villain end up being brother and sister. Which turns out the villain knew. He knew he was banging his sister. Yep, this was a two for one, dad and brother incest!!!!
The bonus line of men being blessed with a good woman so they only have to sleep with other women occasionally for sake of diversion, had me feeling spoiled.

So, I won't be continuing on with the series.

A huge thank-you to previous generations of women who worked and work to clear this type of grossness from my younger generation eyes. I only hope to do the same for the next.

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message 1: by Bubu (new)

Bubu Hm, I don't think this'll end up on my TBR pile. I don't know what I find more appalling: the sexism or the racism. Doesn't matter I suppose. Both a huge no-no. Published in 2015, too, so I can't 'excuse' it with the old bodice ripper standard, either

Thanks for your review, and especially the last paragraph

message 2: by Mei (new)

Mei I agree with Bubu!
I'll not be reading this...
Thanks for your great review, Kyra! :)

WhiskeyintheJar/Kyraryker It was originally published in 1976, https://www.goodreads.com/book/show/7... The book cover there gives a better clue to its ripped bodice feel, lol

message 4: by Bubu (new)

Bubu Still unacceptable. I could barely finish my reread of The Flame and The Flower

WhiskeyintheJar/Kyraryker Oh that book, yeah, very cringe worthy. Woodiwiss was the author I started reading romance. A Rose in Winter and Wolf and Dove I can't let go of my love for but Shanna and the rest I've left back in the past

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