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Runaways, Vol. 2 by Brian K. Vaughan
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Sep 07, 2010

it was amazing

Runaways: Vol. 1 Pride & Joy / Vol. 2 Teenage Wasteland

What if the parents that took care of you and love you turned out to be BAD?

Same dillema happens to a group of kids ,age 11 to 15, when their parents turned out to be super-powered villains. They've witnessed a ritual where a girl was killed. Would you turn them over to the cops or would you just ignore the fact that your parents just murdered someone?

VOLUME 1: Pride & Joy

I've re-read it 3 times already and never get tired of it even though mostly vol. 1 focuses only on introducing the characters. This is my first Vaughan graphic novel and I really like it. The premise is very original and the conflict made was so in-your-face that you could really feel how hard the characters was struggling just to cope up with it.


Alex Wilder - Seems to be the leader of the group, very serious and always seems to be the guy with a plan. The son of Geoffrey and Catherine Wilder, gang mob bosses and they are part of the group called THE PRIDE. Unlike the rest of the team, Alex does not possess powers of any kind but is a child prodigy in the fields of logic and strategy, both of which assist Alex on leading the team.

Chase Stein a.k.a Talkback - The jock who claims he may not be brain smart but he is street smart. The son of Victor and Janet Stein, mad scientists and they are part of the group called THE PRIDE. Chase is first seen taking a punch from his abusive father for getting straight C's and being a "dumb athlete". He steals the Fistigons, which her mom calls "the world's strongest gloves".

Gertrude Yorkes a.k.a Arsenic - Noticable because of her brown dyed purple hair and a pair of glasses, Gert is the most sarcastic and cynical on the team. The daughter of Dale and Stacey Yorkes, time travellers and they are part of the group called THE PRIDE. Got a dinosaur from her parents, old Lace, that was supposed to be hers by the time that her parents died. The dinasaur and Gert shared a telepathic bond, meaning it obeys her every command.

Karolina Dean a.k.a Lucy in The Sky - For me, she has taken the most blow from what happened to them. knowing all her life she had been lied to by her parents, being an alien almost tear her apart. The daughter of renowned Hollywood actors Frank and Leslie Dean, evil super-powered criminals, alien invaders and they are part of the group called THE PRIDE.

Molly Hayes a.k.a Princess Powerful or Bruiser - The only mutant in the team. Although her parents are telepathic, Molly's mutant powers are superhuman strength and invulnerability. Because of her age, she's only 11, she is somewhat confused as to why they runaway on the first place and she can't comprehend that her parents are villains. She also thought that being a super hero was just a game, she's the only one on the team w/ costume.

Nico Minoru a.k.a Sister Grimm - The goth girl of the group. Something's going on between her and Alex but it seems hopeless. She's the daughter of both dark wizards, and they are part of the group called THE PRIDE. She uses the "staff of one", the same weapon that her mother used in trying to kill her.

The ending of volume one was that instead of their parents being hauled by cops, the team decided to go in hiding to a place called by Chase "The Hostel" because their parents have framed them up to the killing of the girl and kidnapping the youngest of them, Molly Hayes.

VOLUME 2: Teenage Wasteland


The group has decided that while in hiding they would help other people to atone for some of their parents sin. Alex leading them, they headed to a convenient store where a robbery was taking place. The two got a way but they have captured on of the robers. He pleaded to them stating that his parents are evil and against his will, he needed to join his parents on robbing the place. Being on the same predicament as they all are, they invited him to "The Hostel."

I can't believe that Vaughan included a character (Topher, the guy from the convenient store) that is a VAMPIRE?!?! At least he killed the guy as fast as he could when Lucy in The Sky offered her self to him (Suicidal much?). I really liked how he killed the guy, spontaneous combustion. I thought he might be someone so original and then there he goes using a character so pop? (sorry for the lack of better word) nowadays. Thank god he redeemed himself on the way he execute the killing of the character. There is also the appearance of "CLOAK AND DAGGER" that makes it more exciting.

All things considered, both volumes are great. I had a blast reading (and re-reading) it. I can't wait to get my hands on the next one. RATING: AWESOME!!!!

NOTE: I almost forgot that there's a effing spy among them and I still can't figure it out.

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