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Killer by Stephen Carpenter
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Sep 06, 2010

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Read in September, 2010

The story grips the reader early on. There are a lot of plot twists and reader hooks. He did an excellent job of developing the main character. There was not a sagging middle, but he kept the tension going until the end.

Language. It wasn't horrible, but it was there. When I read (or tried to read) the book Paranoia, I eventually put it down. It had so much bad language that I felt like washing my brain. I don't have a huge tolerance for bad language, but at least this book only sprinkled it, instead of laying it on thick.

Sex. The second to the last chapter was dedicated to a sex scene. I skimmed around and saw it had no relevance to the story, so I just bypassed it. I have never read a book where a sex scene added to the story. Almost always, it derails the story and then the reader has to be brought back in somehow. What's the point? Leave the sex scenes in erotica and sleazy romance stories, where people want to fill their minds with trash.

The Climax. Flat. Very flat. It was a very well told story until the end, and instead of working through a solution, it was more like an anvil falling out of the sky and hitting the bad guy in the head. You look around, see the dust, and say, "Is that it? Hmmm. I guess it's over."

*** Warning! This paragraph has a few spoilers ***
The author also placed too many coincidences in the final showdown. It might have worked if he foreshadowed, but instead the guy conveniently had too many options in the end. He was going through a storage room where his girlfriend's belongings had been for many years. She had committed suicide with a shotgun, and somehow it was in the box he opened. And it was somehow loaded. The antagonist showed up when he was in the storage room (very predictably) and after threatening the protagonist squatted behind the box and shot him. Game over. Not believable at all, and the scene was very anti-climatic.

You will enjoy this story until the last two chapters.

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