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Witch Fire by Anya Bast
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Sep 06, 2010

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Witch Fire was a difficult review to write. The plot was not unusual or unique. Girl(Mira Hoskins) discovers she is a witch(air elemental) and is being protected by an unknown beautifully sexy man (Jack McAllister). Mira has some emotional baggage from her recent divorce from a philandering ex and Jack has some serious emotional baggage from his evil warlock father. Although the storyline has been done before, I enjoyed it. However, this is where the problem for me began. You see, there just simply is not enough of a plot to make this truly an interesting or exciting read. I cannot believe I am saying this but, the sex in the book overwhelm the plot. Don't get me wrong, I enjoy reading about a good romp in the hay as the next girl; but after a while I found myself saying,"Ms. Bast, enough already." I found myself questioning whether or not this was romance or porn.
Because of reviews from other readers, I purchased three books in the series at one time. However, had I read this book first, I probably would not have purchased the other two books. I will read the other two books. Who knows, maybe the plot in these books will be a little more substantial.

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