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The Iron Queen by Julie Kagawa
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Sep 05, 2010

it was amazing
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Read in November, 2010

Can I just say I am totally flattered and honored that Mundie Moms is quoted in TIQ!!

*spoiler free*

With electrifying romance, action packed and heart wrenching scenes, Julie Kagawa's The Iron Fey series continues to engage me emotionally and leaves me breathless at the end. Her richly developed characters become more vivid, real and stronger as they never falter on their journeys. The Iron Queen deserves more than just 5 stars! This is a phenomenal book with incredible writing and I enjoyed every moment of being wrapped up in this story.

Talk about an emotional journey. This is my favorite book out of the series! I didn't think the characters could become any more to life than they already were, but Julie has proven me wrong. The emotions from these characters jump right off the pages and I found myself feeling like I was apart of their journey. With each book in the series the characters continue to become more in-depth, more lively and I feel more connected to them.

Let me just say, I am TEAM ASH all the way! Where I faltered on my team alliances earlier, after really getting to know Ash more and seeing how much his character has grown, I've made up my mind. Meghan and Ash's chemistry sizzles and I'll use a word I seldom use, they have a few swoon worthy scenes. Puck and Ash have some of the best scenes together and had a few laugh out loud moments for me. Grimm is a character who surprised me, as we get to see a different side and know a little bit more about him. Meghan Chase has finally really grown into the fiercely independent, strong character I knew she had the potential for. She has grown the most to me, as she finally has earned the respect of some other characters from the series. She has become a favorite heroine of mine.

A heroine's strength comes from the sacrifices she has to make and Julie does a brilliant job with the more emotional scenes in the book. Julie knows how to blend her action, romance, heart break and humor together well with her characters. I really enjoyed how she introduced the new characters, and allowed me to get to see a little bit into the Iron Court (which has changed how I've felt towards them). I'm really looking forward to getting to know them more with her last book in the series, The Iron Knight! The Iron Queen is everything I hoped it would be and more. I highly recommend picking this book up! It's a fantastic book that I will be reading many more times.
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message 1: by Amy (new) - rated it 5 stars

Amy Jealous!!

Katieb (MundieMoms) LOL I'm so excited I got it, as Mundie Moms has a quote on the ARC.

Kristi-The Book Faery Oh, you're one lucky Chica!!!!
That is my all time favorite series! I've read that series over and over!
Keep us posted, Katie!

Don't you adore the cover!

Katieb (MundieMoms) Kristi- I love this cover!! I love this series as well!! I'll post a spoiler free blurb soon and then my review closer to the release date. I can't wait to share it!!!

Kristi-The Book Faery That's great, Katie! I'll look forward to it!

Katieb (MundieMoms) It's def. one I recommend pre-ordering.

Michele (Reading Lark/CanadianTwiMom) I'm insanely jealous (in a good way)!! lol! So did you finish it??!! Dying to find out what you think... I cannot wait for this one! And hey... did you hear that JK is adding a 4th book to the series?? The Iron Knight!!! I saw it on Facebook today... and Julie "liked" it so it has to be true! Yippee!!

Katieb (MundieMoms) I don't even know what to say, other than I can't wait to read the next book! This a fantastic read and I am yelling both no and yes at the same time with things that happen.

Michele (Reading Lark/CanadianTwiMom) I try to never wish time away but come on February!! For once, I'm actually looking forward to February (dead of winter)!! ;)

Katieb (MundieMoms) Michele- these books keep getting better and better.

Michele (Reading Lark/CanadianTwiMom) Oh... I KNOW Katie... I just finished reading The Iron Queen (I got it off of Netgalley... thanks Sophie!), and am literally blown away!! I've never loved a story so much... this has become my all-time favourite YA book series ever (actually... not just YA... I think all of them!) Julie is brilliant!!!! Now I'm dying for The Iron Knight!!

Katieb (MundieMoms) YAY!!!! Doesn't the ending leave you w/ your mouth slightly open. LOL I can't wait for TIK!! I know that seems like it's going to take forever to get it. I'm sure it will be worth the wait.

Michele (Reading Lark/CanadianTwiMom) Katie, my jaw fell *a few times* throughout this book. ;) I don't want to give too much away to others that haven't read it yet but the ending... let's just say that I'm VERY thankful there is a 4th book!! ;) I *LOVED* every single minute of it (happy & sad parts)... and *sigh* Ash... just WOW!!! :) Hopefully, we'll get arcs/netgalleys of TIKn and won't have to wait quite so long! Since finishing TIQ, it has not left my mind... no book has done that since Twilight for me. I'm rereading The Iron Fey series again b/c I'm not ready to leave it behind just yet... ;)

message 14: by Dana (new) - rated it 5 stars

Dana Ya'll are killing me I'm insanely jealous. I just finished Iron Daughter and loved the ending. I thought I could wait the two months till Iron Queen released but now I'm not so sure.

Michele (CanadianTwiMom) wrote: "Katie, my jaw fell *a few times* throughout this book. ;) I don't want to give too much away to others that haven't read it yet but the ending... let's just say that I'm VERY thankful there is a ..."

message 15: by Michele (Reading Lark/CanadianTwiMom) (last edited Nov 23, 2010 03:02PM) (new) - rated it 5 stars

Michele (Reading Lark/CanadianTwiMom) I couldn't wait Dana... I had to get it off of Netgalley to read it! If you have an ereader... it makes reading it easier than off of your computer. It was phenomenal!! :)

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