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The Almost Moon by Alice Sebold
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Sep 05, 2010

it was ok
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I think The Universe is trying to tell me something. Over the last few weeks I've been wedged between crazy women. Overbearing women. Women I hate and fear. Women I'm afraid I'm becoming--if I take one step in the wrong direction--one day, peering through the slats of cheap metal blinds at a world I do not understand, and more to the point, a world I despise.

Ok, anyway. The women. First: Amanda in The Glass Menagerie. When I was a sophomore in college, I had to play the Amanda role for a scene in my acting class. It was frightening to me, being in a class with people who were much cooler than I was. Frightening to me to have a scene partner who reeked of booze and had bad breath. Frightening that "acting" isn't as easy as it seemed when I was in high school. Frightened that I sucked. We're doing this play right now at the theatre where I work. I watched the final dress rehearsal this past weekend and couldn't take my mind away from darkness.

And now: Clair Knightly, Helen's mother. A clinically depressed, agoraphobic bitch. And much like Amanda, she creates a wretched co-dependency with her children that causes them to attempt to survive living paralysis. It's heartbreaking. Helen is destined. Desperate. Justified? No. Yes. Either way...

The book is not necessarily well-written (except for sometimes when it's awesome), especially after reading The Lovely Bones (which is basically what every single goodreads review says, too), but when it comes right down to it, I think it's a pretty realistic, or at least insightful, telling of how some of us can be royally fucked up in the head. And why most of us should never ever ever have children. Because most of us fall along the spectrum somewhere between bitches and bonkers, and then the cycle just perpetuates itself--mommy, baby, mommy, baby, crazy, mean, crazy, mean. I'm afraid it might happen to me. Maybe this is why God or The Universe or whoever's out there has not let me be a mother yet. Is that what you're telling me, Universe? Or is it just that Control isn't all that important in the big scheme? Or maybe simply that I don't have it so bad afterall. So far. Hmmmph.

Tomorrow, I will send my mother flowers. Or maybe a Ferrari. I might be a little fucked in the head, but at least it's not because of her. Thanks, Mom.

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09/05/2010 page 125
41.0% "I went to see The Glass Menagerie last night. Amanda and Helen's mother are frighteningly identical, and I am frighteningly frightened of becoming her."
09/08/2010 page 231
76.0% "This book makes me hate myself."

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message 1: by Tommy (new)

Tommy Amanda, this was just lovely.

Amanda I think I finished writing the review now. Maybe.

I'm sleepy. Brain gone. (Not literally. Jesus.)

Amanda Yes. The review isn't done. But I'm done writing it.

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