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Sep 05, 2010

really liked it
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Recommended for: Those who love Tinkerbell

To have a more organize review I'll use pros and cons(as always^^, OC that I am!).

1. Okay this is my 1st fairy book, considered that a plus. ***I'm confused though if this is the 1st fairy book that I've read because I've already read Artemis Fowl (is that a Fairy book?) and City of Ashes (there's a little Fairy scene in it too)***

2. The Fairy Realm created in the book was really creative I love the Seelie(Summer) Court and the counterpart of it the Unseelie(Winter) Court...Oh I love the Politics. Of course there's the additional Iron Fey which I think is a really brilliant and original idea. Also this book is like Fairy + Mythology (satyrs, dryads, nymphs, mermaids, oracle etc)

3. I really love that the story was basically about Family, it makes the book relatable and heartfelt. That was one thing that I really adored about Megan(the female heroine) because she would do anything for her brother, which I can also relate with since if I will be on the same position as hers I will do those things because I really love my little brother too (okay I'm peeking on my back now, my brother might saw what I'm typing right now *coughs* that may sound cheesy but I would really do that for my brother too! (>.<)).

4. I really love Grimalkin, he reminds me of the Cheshire cat from Alice in Wonderland.

5. I love the names mostly of the characters especially the ones from A Midsummer's Night Dream Oberon, Titania and Puck. I also love the character names for the Iron Fey like Machina and Virus and of course I love the name of Prince Ash and Grimalkin.

6. I really love how it's end, very sad and emotional. Now I'm teary-eyed (T_T) It just making me sentimental about leaving your family and stuff.

7. Yeah basically (I have a confession to make) I heart Puck. I don't care if he's a clown or a jester or just a Guardian or a best friend and he was like missing for most parts of the book but I really love him. And I love that he's Puck(Shakespeare made him 'nuff said). Yeah Team Puck All The Way.

8. I really love that it was also about nature and science, how science and technology destroys the Nevernever(I know silly name, that's what they called the Fairy Realm in this book), I just think that it's a clever idea that somehow the book has that kind of message, it made the book meaningful.

9. I love the parts of the book when Megan have to have a bargain/deal first before she earn someone a favor, it makes the book more interesting, especially that the characters are cunning and it's always tricky to make a deal with them.

1. "Same old, same old". The book is very unoriginal for most parts, it reminds me of Twilight, City of Bones, Romeo and Juliet, Bokura ga Ita, Alice in Wonderland, Percy Jackson Series, Neverwhere and a Barbie Movie which I already forgot the title(Yeah I watch Barbie Movies, you got a problem with that punk?).

2. Half of the book was boring and it only got interesting halfway through the book. If I'm an impatient reader I'll not be able to finish this and give up already.

3. Some of the dialogues are really bad like for example this one:
"Touch her and I'll freeze your testicles and put them in a jar, understand." --Prince Ash

***WORST LINE EVER!!!*** Maybe I'm overreacting of course that's not the worst line ever because the worst line ever is still this line:

Genius Pictures, Images and Photos
(Thumbs Up if you know in which anime it came from!)

4. I really hate Megan because I think she's stupid most of the time and a hypocrite too. Well she basically says that "Women who puts makeup on blah blah blah are superficial and that's why she wont dress anything that was fabulous blah blah blah" but for me she's basically superficial. First she's crushing on the School Jock(sorry I already forgot the name of that character) and for what reason? Because he's cool and he's the School Jock!!! Second she's in love with Ash and basically the reason for that is because Ash is perfect, handsome, hot, mysterious(okay hello Ms. SUPERFICIAL *waves*). And I really don't buy that logic that if a woman cares about what she look like or if she wears makeup, dress beautiful clothes that she is already a superficial person, that was faulty generalization IMO.

5. Sorry to say but the book is predictable and why is it predictable you may ask, it's because it's unoriginal. (yeah you can already predict what will gonna happen since basically it's the same formula, plot copied from other books)

6. The action scenes are like Anime Fighting Scenes. I was like really waiting for Puck to say something like,"Kage Bunshin Technique Times Two Times Two Times Two Times Two Times Two Times Two Times Two Times Two Times Two."(hahaha Narutard!)And really Ice Shards, is this Yuyu hakusho or Flame of Recca or something?

7. The romance between Megan and Ash was abrupt and reminds me of Bella and Edward. "Oh Prince Ash is so cold"(Megan)--"Oh Edward is so cold"(Bella), get it guys?

8. Too many deux ex machinas that makes the story crappy.

9. The characters are still undeveloped especially Megan and Ash.

Okay but still the book is not bad, and I really liked it that's why I gave it 4 stars(means I really like it)***why do I always repeat what I say?*** and of course I still gonna read the next books. :)
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Isamlq watcha think?

Joyzi I'm only at Chapter 2, and I think the beginning was boring and I have the feeling this book is like Twilight haha idk I'm not really far

Isamlq nonono... dont compare it to twilight! although there are a couple of parallels, its a great series all on its own!

Joyzi Idk haha maybe because the lead character also hates rain and keeps complaining about high school life haha, well I'll read the whole book tomorrow ^^

Isamlq lol.. she did /does remind me of bella, but she mature some in the next books... im really into the series all for ASH!

Joyzi who's Ash? I only met Robbie(?) the bff forgot his name already haha

Isamlq woops.. i done and gone stuck my foot in it! ... read on read on...

Isamlq ps dont kill me... anyways its on the dust jacket!

Joyzi Is this like a trilogy or something

Iron King
Iron Daughter
Iron Queen?

message 10: by Joyzi (last edited Nov 13, 2010 04:38AM) (new) - rated it 4 stars

Joyzi I'm reading this through e-book. I'm looking for the book but it's not available in NBS here. I'll only buy the book since it has a good cover and youtube vlogger tells me that the book actually smells good. Is that true?

message 11: by Isamlq (last edited Nov 13, 2010 04:38AM) (new) - rated it 3 stars

Isamlq series na siya kasi meron na ung iron knight.. and boy i cant wait for that.. iron queen isnt out yet but there are ARCs available.. :) ive heard the same thing about the smelling good bit, but i read the first two via ebook and there's winterpassage pa ha.. a novella between iron king and iron daughter if im not mistaken..

Joyzi Ah kay bali ilang books na to? 4 na bali last na yung Iron Knight?

Isamlq iron king, winters passage (novella) and iron daughter are out na.iron queen comes out next year then
iron knight some time after that.. so all in all 4.5?

Joyzi 4.5 haha sige sige, sana maging available na siya dito (>.<)

Isamlq i think i PMed you bout that.. check ur inbox dude ;)

Joyzi I mean yung book sa NBS(National Book Store), Wicked Lovely lang kasi yung available kaso parang di ko natypan yun haha, binasa ko yung Wicked Lovely after a few pages give up na 'ko parang di ganun kainteresting

Isamlq Joyzi wrote: "I mean yung book sa NBS(National Book Store), Wicked Lovely lang kasi yung available kaso parang di ko natypan yun haha, binasa ko yung Wicked Lovely after a few pages give up na 'ko parang di ganu..."

i havent started wicked lovely but im going to sometime this month for a challenge sa YA PNR group... :)

Joyzi Ah okay I really don't get the beginning of that book kinda slow and idk haha it was not really interesting that I've read other books na lang

message 19: by Ronyell (new)

Ronyell Awesome review Joyzi!! This sounds like an interesting book!!

Joyzi Yeah it was really good, the ending was kinda sad though

message 21: by Ronyell (new)

Ronyell Oh yeah! Sometimes I don't get a kick out of sad endings, but this book sounds like it might change all that.

Joyzi Yeah and a lot of people here in GR already read the books and they said that the series gets better and better, so you should try and read this one, this I think is "hype for a reason"

Isamlq great review!

Joyzi Thanks Isa, can I read the Iron Daughter even though I wont read the winter's passage?

Isamlq Joyzi wrote: "Thanks Isa, can I read the Iron Daughter even though I wont read the winter's passage?"

uhhmmm as a hardcore iron fey fan.. i say you have to read winter's passage... :)

Joyzi Okay then lol

Isamlq Joyzi wrote: "Okay then lol"

enjoy the rest of the series... :)

Joyzi Thanks Dana, have you read the next book? Iron Daughter?

message 29: by C Joy (new) - added it

C Joy Hey thanks for the in-depth review, I have an ebook of this courtesy of Visual Bookshelf's Influential Readers program but it's been there like early this year and I haven't found the time (or interest) to read it yet.

Joyzi You're welcome Dana I think the book also has it merits and an enjoyable read, if you love fantasy you'll love the book.

message 31: by Julie (new)

Julie wow, based from the stars mukhang maganda to :)

Joyzi Oo maganda naman siyempre japanese yung author Julie Kagawa yung name, hey Julie kapangalan mo pa ooooh, it means you should read her books :)

message 33: by Julie (new)

Julie hahah <3 oo nga noh! nako, sige ikaw ang nagrecommend kaya for sure 99.9% na maganda nga yan lol! for sure magaling yang gumawa, "Julie...Kagawa is so great" haha

Joyzi ayun haha sige basahin mo nabasa ko yung next book niya The Iron Daughter mas better, ngayon wait ko pa yung The iron Queen 2011 pa siya mapupublish^^

message 35: by Julie (new)

Julie wow naman, maganda nga talaga ^^ wow, i add ko na rin yan sa to read ko :D

Joyzi Oo maganda siya Julie astiiig, kaso ayoko sa main characters parang si meghan at ash kasi e parang Edward and bella ang dating, pero maganda yung book addicting tsaka basta ang ganda nung Faery Realm ganun astiggg

message 37: by Julie (new)

Julie astig! yeah! feel ko na sa words mo palang LoL sige another to add to my ever growing list of to read books haha XD

Joyzi sige sige, pero maganda siya promise >.<

Cassandra Just started this one pretty good so far. Love ur reviews BTW :)

Joyzi Thanks Cassandra. I really love the series so far, Iron Queen was amazing and I need Iron Knight right now.

Sleepy Booknerd I recently finished reading this one, and I have to say you hit the nail on the head :)
I enjoyed this book, but I agree that it did have a lot of things that could have been more developed. Also, Iron Horse speaking LIKE THIS all the time kind of annoyed me

Joyzi Thanks the series gets better, I've read until The Iron Queen and now waiting for Iron Knight to come out ^^

Sleepy Booknerd I plan to read the others when I get the time, and I hope they are as good as you say :)

Joyzi kay happy reading then ^^

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