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Retribution by Sherrilyn Kenyon
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1. I think it's inappropriate for Tory to wish the pain of castration on Ash, a man who was once castrated. First of all, she mentally rants about how Ash needs to know what it feels like to have great pain down in his lower regions (as if he doesn't already) and then she thinks about how she wants to be the one to do this, so she fantasizes about castrating a man who has already been castrated. Interesting.
I'm sorry, but giving birth is not an excuse to wish extreme pain on someone, especially someone whose entire life has been one big ball of pain and suffering. Now, I've never given birth, but I specifically asked my mother and several other people who have, if (while they were giving birth) they literally wished their husband's to be dead/in unbearable pain, and they all said that they didn't. Case closed.

2. Abigail sucks as a heroine. She's stupid and blindly kills people without making sure they're evil and without even knowing who they are! And everyone forgives her for no reason.

3. Where was the romance? Also, there was only one sex scene. Also, they didn't figure out they loved each other until the last paragraph.

4. I didn't enjoy the scenes during which Abigail was a little, tiny child and Jess was a full grown man. It was creepy. It's one thing to know he knew her when she was an infant, but it's another to have to bear witness to those scenes.

5. I swear to God, if Kenyon thinks Artemis will make an acceptable heroine for anyone, let alone Nick, she is crazy. It seems to me this is being implied. Artemis changing because of Nick? No. There is no redemption for someone who brutally beat Ash, the most beloved character of the series, over and over again, allowed him to be castrated, beat him some more, and then watched while he was murdered. No.

6. I think Kenyon thinks that just because Artemis helped Tory give birth, that she has been redeemed. Are you kidding? NO!!! That woman deserves eternal torment. If she becomes a heroine, I will never read a Kenyon book again. That's sick.

7. Jess is just a replica of some of Kenyon's past heroes. They all have the same sense of humor. He had a bit of Dev, a bit of Talon, a bit of Ash, and a little bit of Raven. Abigail is a lot like Tabby, Maggie, Susan, Astrid, Kat, Danger, pretty much a replic of Tori. They all have the exact same personality, just with different jobs/interests.
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0.0% "So, apparently Tory threatened to castrate Ash. Am I the only one who finds this disturbing, considering his background? I think she's the one who deserves to suffer after saying that."
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0.0% "So, Kenyon actually forgot that Ash was once castrated. How is that possible? It's her freaking character! Geez, woman."
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Maggie I love the book, but I have to agree with you on this one. Tory is being too nasty, considering childbirth is not as bad as what happened to Ash.
Don't get me started on the endless quotes of wisdom. I mean, has anyone else noticed that at all? Nonstop quoting from Jess to Abby to Choo Co La Tah to EVERYONE ELSE. We get it, Kenyon, you are wise...

Maggie Also, Artemis needs to die.

message 3: by M. (new)

M. Agree ladies, Artemis needs to die but it won't happen. So after reading Acheron (the biggest disappointment in the series to me) I'm done with it. First of all, Ash got stuck with Tori? Gosh, she was the worst heroine ever! Boring, no personality, and ahem, not attractive. Call me shallow but Ash deserved someone who could put Artemis beauty to shame.
Plus, the vibe that I got that Sherrilyn planned to make Artemis a heroine? Just shoot me now!

message 4: by Krista (I remember you, Min) (Critical) (last edited Feb 10, 2013 12:20AM) (new) - added it

Krista (I remember you, Min) (Critical) Oh GOD the thought of it...Artemis as a heroine? I might have a heart attack on the spot. Kenyon will receive lots of hate mail from me. And haha, yeah Tori is not among my favorite heroines. For some reason, Kenyon's heroines have a tendency to forget all the torture their heroes have been through, like literally forget it ever happened, which is disturbing. What was Kenyon thinking when she wrote that scene - not only is it hinting at Artemis redemption, but also making Tori out to be just as bad as Artemis as the same time.

If only Ash was as lucky as Zarek with his heroine. :(

message 5: by M. (new)

M. That is what happens when you write that many books in a series, you start recycling characters, changing personalities, or turning a bad guy into a good one.
Ash was my favorite character, but after I read his book, I lost respect for him. There is a difference between compassion and being a total doormat.

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