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Angelfire by Courtney Allison Moulton
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Sep 04, 2010

did not like it

I havn't read very far at all; but here's what I think. The protagionist, Ellie, plays the typical role of the shallow teenage girl who always does stupid things. Why is it when in a book, another character tells the protagionist not to scream because whatever evil thing is lurking will attack, and then they do just that? There is also, of course, the unoriginal love interest with the attraction at first sight. Even though they have a reason, incarnation, it's still very bland and predictable. I'm not a fan of the whole reincarnated-souls-find-eachother type of thing. It's not that this book is poorly written; it's just predicatable and bland. Does this book get better? It might, based on most reviews. Or maybe it's another Twilight-esque book, which has lot's of hype and followers but no actual substance. Either way, I'd rather not waste my time when there are so many other books out there. Will I come back to this someday? Perhaps. But for now, I'm content to put it down and move on.

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