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Owlknight by Mercedes Lackey
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Sep 04, 2010

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** spoiler alert ** Out of all three of the Owl Knight books, this is the one that I felt was most disappointing. Ms. Lackey gives us a lot of details about things that don't really matter - and rushed through the climax in the book like it was an afterthought to the story. As a final book in a trilogy, it ended things well enough but as a good book it fell flat. I really wanted to like this book but I found I just didn't care about the characters by the end - especially Keisha.

Keisha turned into a whiny, self-centered brat instead of remaining the selfless, courageous young Healer she was in the second book. She wasn't an idiot and yet Ms. Lackey continuously portrayed her as such, and made her dependent on her younger sister to resolve her emotional tangles for her. I can understand Keisha feeling a little self-conscious because the villagers in Errold's Grove did tend to ignore her as anything but the Healer - but her shyness and her inability to deal well with people in the beginning because of her rogue Empathy was the main reason for that. She gained confidence, practice, and a lot of skill over the course of the second book. So why couldn't she carry that self-assurance and boldness into the third?

All in all, a very disappointing end to a very good trilogy.

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