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Forget You by Jennifer Echols
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Sep 03, 2010

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bookshelves: romance, teen
Read in September, 2010

I might have given this a better rating if I hadn't liked "Going Too Far" so much; I honestly expected to be more emotionally involved with the characters. Granted, Zoey has horrible luck with parents; her dad is supremely self-involved, and has just knocked up his 24-yr-old employee, and her mom has just attempted to commit suicide. (Come on, lady, didn't you notice what a prick your husband was YEARS ago?? The two of you have a teenager together...) So she's basically left alone, with her mom in the psychiatric ward, and her dad more interested in going to Hawaii with her soon-to-be stepmother than staying around to help Zoey through this difficult time...

And I'm not even surprized that she turned around and slept with Brandon after that, even knowing what a player and a horndog he was/is... She was acting out, wanting attention and love in the only way she could think of. What KEPT jarring me out of the story was her insistance that Brandon was her boyfriend after they slept together. She KNEW he slept around...she KNEW he hopped from girl to girl. Why on earth did she think she was different? HE never said anything along those lines, and the way he kept ducking her afterwards should have spelled it out for her right away in ten-foot letters. I could even have seen it if she was just using Brandon to keep Doug at a distance, but she honestly seems to BELIEVE she and Brandon have some kind of future. It seems to honestly surprise her not only that he has a girlfriend, but that he doesn't want that girlfriend to know about him and Julia. That was the kind of thing that made me want to slap some sense into Julia...

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