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Slam! by Walter Dean Myers
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Jan 08, 2008

really liked it
bookshelves: 9th-grade
Recommended for: Teenagers

Slam! Scholastic,1998, 273pp., $5.99
Walter Dean Myers ISBN 0-59-048668-3

By looking at the cover picture from Slam! by Walter Dean Myers, I guessed that the protagonist was a basketball player who was in jail. However, the story and the main character were different than I thought and it caught my attention from the very first chapter. And I couldnt put the book down.

Greg Harris, or his nickname "Slam," an African American high school student, is a talented basketball player, but not so talented in education. Everyone is jealous of his skills, even his basketball coach, Slam is a powerful basketball player. Dangerous and wild, he lives in an unsafe part of Bronx and there are problems with his best friend, Ice, dealing Drugs and gangs. Slam's team gets better as the story progresses and his team plays the Championship game against Ice's basketball team. A few seconds left in the final game, Slam shoots the ball, nervous, and the game ends with either victory or defeat. In the end, Slam learns lessons from other characters and he changes his life by following the right ideas.

I felt miserable after I completed the book, I couldn't read Walter Dean Myers's fascinating work of literature anymore. For example, I enjoyed reading about a talented basketball player's mind in first person point of view. This writing syle seemed awesome especially when I read the scene about the basketball game against Ice's basketball team, Slam's sensory made me feel like I was actually playing basketball. In the text, he mainly thought of what Ice did in the game, not everyone else. Slam seemed as if he did not care the score, he just wanted to be better than Ice. I found this fascinating because a similar event occured in my baseball game. I played an exihibition baseball game against a strong team and my friend was the pitcher. When I batted, I had no concern about the score, my only objective was to hit my friend's pitch and get on a base. The similar feelings between us made his point of view realistic, creating an effect of an autobiography. After completing the book, my depressed mood disapeared when I realized that he wrote more books such as Monster and Scorpions, both of which are aggressive. These books were interesting as well. I realized that the protagonist in Myer's works always had gang or drug situations.

Slam! is just wonderful and it can teach lessons to the readers, just like the protagonist in the book can. This book is exciting and stunning, and I will recommend this book to everyone, especially to tennagers, just read it!
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message 1: by Hui Lin (new)

Hui Lin I like your introduction. I think the way that you talked about what you think the book before reading it and after reading it. Also, I think that you did a really good job on connecting this book to the author's other book. Good Work!

message 2: by David (new)

David I agree with Wylie... and I liked how you've introduced your character with quotes and your "Appositives".

message 3: by Joseph (new)

Joseph omgg....... your review is amazing!!!!!!! i love how you started your intro paragraph with your opinion and first reaction, and then going on to something like it was different and not what you expected. there is also this "change" that you developed that i realized you experienced reading your review. you kind of know that you are so awesome at bball and baseball, you can easily connect with the protagonist of your book. nice job keishiiii!!!! =)

message 4: by Sophia (new)

Sophia snap snap .... yeah i agree with Wylie, lol you shall never judge a book by the cover lol Korekaramo ganbatte kudasai ...i think that's how you say it

message 5: by Aris (new)

Aris i like how you talk abuot the cover of the book and ive your opinion of the story

message 6: by Januario (new)

Januario Good job Keishi!!! I liked how you used adjectives to describe Slam. You also had good arrangement of paragraphs and they are all so unique!!!!!!

Lori I really like the turn out of your review. I think that you really took some of my suggestions about certain sentences and used them to make your review amazing! Like I said before, i also love how you thought a lot about how you could relate the book to your life. Great job. :)

message 8: by [deleted user] (new)

I loved this book so much and you made the book sound great. I think you did a good job writing this review. I loved the way you put in a lot of detail about the main character. Great Job!

message 9: by Ibrahim (new)

Ibrahim Is this book available in Toronto Libraries?I wanted to read this book 6years please let me know through my facebook which is ibrahim jaan .or text me at 647-248-3360

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