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Sep 03, 2010

it was ok
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Read in August, 2011

Ay carajo!

There are only so many times you can enjoy the same old story.. in my opinion it gets down to probably two.
I loved the first book because of the characters, and the chemistry and the action and I enjoyed enormously the humor in the second one, but when it comes to this one... I am terribly sorry to say that it was such a big disappointment.

Please Simone Elkeles, I know you can write better than this, I've seen it before, just come up with something new the next time. I just feel like I've seen it all and I have no interest in reviewing the same story from different angles.

One thing that I liked is the cover - yes it's hot - but can someone please tell me where the hell did the scene from the shower go? Did I get the wrong copy or what? I was expecting it, damn it! The only shower I've read about is the one from the chemistry class.. and God help us all, I don't know what's the point of that.

Another thing I was expecting is a "bad girl vs. good boy" thingy going on.
Am I the only one realizing that there is no such thing? I know Simone had to rewrite the whole story, but I didn't think that this was suppose to change too.

Because there is the same good rich girl, now called Nikki (the only difference from the previews books is that she is suppose to be Mexican, but she doesn't know Spanish and for 99.9% of the time she is denying her origins - so it doesn't really count) and the same bad boy, this time the young Fuentes brother Luis (we only have a few glimpses of his family beliefs that he is a good boy, but he is definitely not - in fact he is not a "bad boy" either, he is more like an average boy with a bad attitude or something along these lines). And he was suppose to be smart so why, I mean WHY did he do the same mistakes like his older brothers? The I-must-be-with-the-Latino-Blood-to-save-my-family crap is getting so old I want to scream, so is the fact that he must lie to his girlfriend and his brothers because they would not approve (Didn't you wonder why?? You smatra$$ could have learned more from your brothers and saved us from this retelling, you know?)

Now the characters are the ones that really got on my nerves.
They change their mind and they switch principles like really dirty socks (ten times a day). I didn't feel like they were the same ones through the story. It was like they had no personality at all, and they simply went with the flow changing their mind for convenience - I am mostly talking about Nikki and Luis, but it is the same with the others.

Minor Spoilers:
I wanted to shoot Luis and Alex at the wedding (I suppose you know about the wedding between Alex and Brit so it is not much of a spoiler - it happens right at the beginning) - it was suppose to be sweet and romantic and it ended by being really embarrassing . *hiding my face in the pillow*
Then I wanted to shoot Carlos when he said that he was single (to another girl!) just in front of Kiara!!!
Then I wanted to shoot Nikki's parent for liking Luis a moment and being against him the next one.
Then I wanted to shoot the Chemistry teacher - why did she had to change her personality in this book? "Zero tolerance policy" mean ZERO, none!
And then I wanted to shoot the Fuentes mother - because she was totally UNDER-protective in this story.

What's wrong with these people?

Well, I'm out of bullets, so I didn't end up by shooting myself because of this big disappointment.

To end on a good note, I feel that I should tell you that there are also a few funny or sweet moments, and also there are some hot scenes between the main characters (but I was too annoyed to enjoy them) - so I don't know, just read the book if you want to, and judge it by yourself.
Maybe you will love it.

2.5 stars

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Bianca St. Can't wait for it to come out!! It's four days after my birthday. :D

Ariana Then this book it's gonna be a great birthday present for you ;) I can't wait either.

message 3: by Arlene (last edited Aug 24, 2011 04:40PM) (new) - rated it 3 stars

Arlene Your spoilers were some of the same hangups I had. Seriously that wedding was... well... it was sort of horrific. I don't think I'm as disappointed as you in this book, but it was not what it could have been. I'm thinking I'll be generous and give it a three. Just barely though because of that Epilogue... ugh! Why??? Twenty six year later? :/

message 4: by Ariana (last edited Aug 25, 2011 12:46AM) (new) - rated it 2 stars

Ariana Maybe you are right.. Maybe it's just me being angry at myself for waiting for it so badly and being so disappointed.
It is not horrible or something, but I kept comparing it with the other two..

Remember the wedding scene in the first one (God, I laughed so much), remember Kiara's little brother in the second one, remember the chemistry in the first one (and the driving lessons, the library scene, their night together which was also so damn funny, and so many more), remember Kiara's best friend in the second one (I loved all the scenes with him) ... I keep remembering scenes that I liked loved in those 2, but there is almost nothing memorable in the third one, not for me, not good things anyways. :(

message 5: by papalbina (last edited Aug 25, 2011 02:59AM) (new) - rated it 2 stars

papalbina you're right, my problem with this book is that you can't find anything memorable, anything that will make me want to go back and reread those parts (or the whole book). it's a pity :(

Ariana Back in May (or earlier this year) Simone said that she wasn't satisfied with the book and she had to rewrite it, wanting it to be the best in the series.
Maybe she should have taken even more time to do this :|

papalbina Ari wrote: "Back in May (or earlier this year) Simone said that she wasn't satisfied with the book and she had to rewrite it, wanting it to be the best in the series.
Maybe she should have taken even more tim..."

or perhaps she shouldn't have rewritten it at all... :P

Ariana Well, you have a point ;)) Still, I wish i would have liked it more.

Aly (Fantasy4eva) no more bullets left LMFAO! I was so excited for this one, but after being kinda let down by ROA I never really got down to buying this. Your review pretty much confirms my fears. I've long accepted that we just got lucky with Perfect Chemistry.

message 10: by Ariana (last edited Oct 31, 2011 02:14AM) (new) - rated it 2 stars

Ariana Some people liked more Chain Reaction compared to ROA, so don't take my review by heart. (well some other liked better ROA than PC, which was never my case, but still).
For me reading the same kind of story all over again was pretty much boring, and I don't do well boring, but maybe if I would have started reading this series from back to front (3,2,1) all of them would have had really high ratings. It all comes down to having high expectations, but I wouldn't say that it's a bad book, I just liked it less than the other 2.

You can also try her other series (if you haven't so far).

Jasprit Ugh I felt exactly the same way Ari, great review :)

Ariana Thanks Jasprit. I hope we will like the next one better - which reminds me... Did Simone say what she was up to with the next one?

Jasprit I haven't heard about her next one yet, is it part of this series or completely different?

Ariana It should be something new, not sure if a series or a standalone book (most probably a series though)

Jasprit Ari did you mean this Untitled (Fullriders, #1) by Simone Elkeles? its got no release date yet but it looks like its going to be a series :)

message 16: by Ariana (last edited Nov 16, 2011 12:47AM) (new) - rated it 2 stars

Ariana Yes, this is it. I just saw her update on Facebook as well, telling about the new series.

I didn't know what this was really about, as Simone only said in a message that after the release of Chain Reaction she had some news about her latest project for us. I didn't know if it was suppose to be a standalone book or a series (and she still doesn't say much about it), but as she only writes book series, it kind of make sense ;))

message 17: by Sarina (new) - added it

Sarina Oh no! I read Perfect Chemistry long ago n loved it, read Rules of Attraction today n found it quite memorable, but anticipating abt the last one. I mean, I can't go by without finishing the series, can I? N I value ur reviews so much..What to do...What to do...?

Ariana Many people loved it, and you might be one of them.
If you've loved the series I think you should give it a try.. maybe borrow it from the library if you feel that you might not like it all that much? ;))

message 19: by Pang (new) - rated it 2 stars

Pang I totally agree with your review, Ari!!! I just finished this book. I love love love Perfect Chemistry. So, I read book 2, though It is not as great as book 1 but I still like it. I love the characters and the humor. BUT Book 3 got on my nerve and it is too boring for me. :/

Ariana Yep, I know the feeling - even good things can get old pretty fast *sigh* Maybe we will like the next book (in the new series) better ;)

message 21: by Ariana (last edited Mar 06, 2013 03:28AM) (new) - rated it 2 stars

Ariana I know *sigh*
And there were too many clichés and too many feelings of deja vu; and the romance did not appeal to me, not to mention that I started to dislike other characters (that once I liked).. Oh well, we can't love all books, can we?

message 22: by Shyanne (new) - added it

Shyanne I've been dying to read this book!

Ariana Well.. good luck with it, hope that you'll like it better ;)

message 24: by Shyanne (new) - added it

Shyanne Ariana wrote: "Well.. good luck with it, hope that you'll like it better ;)"

So do I (;

Aileen i couldn't believe that luis Fuentes was hector martines son it was so shocking in my opinion all 3 books are great

Ariana I am not sure if it shocked me or not back then (btw, it would be great if you would mark that as a spoiler, for other people not to read it before reading the actual book ^_^ )
Still I DO like complications, so it was good to have something different in this book compared to the other 2.

Stessie I enjoyed reading your comment more than i enjoyed reading the book. you had me cracking up

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