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Ouran High School Host Club, Vol. 5 by Bisco Hatori
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it was amazing
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This is definitely my favorite volume yet! For two main reasons, I think: 1) it struck a perfect balance between character building and goofiness (whereas former episodes were mainly comedic or filler-ish), and 2) the guest characters didn't seem to distract from the story of the actual club members, but actually added to it. (I'm biased, because I always prefer solo-club hijinks to guest-inspired hijinks.)

Episode 17: 4.5/5
Midterm grades come out -- Hunny and Mori are respectively the top of their class, Kyoya and Tamaki respectively the top of theirs, Kaoru and Hikaru fourth and fifth in theirs...but Haruhi only places third, which is a problem because she'll lose her scholarship if she doesn't remain top of the class. All of the boys with good placings offer to tutor her, but Kyoya brings in the top female student in 2-A (third overall), Ayame. Ayame has a huge beef with Tamaki, because she studies and is serious, but he goofs off like a constant imbecile and still tests ahead of her every time. This episode doesn't focus too much on the members, but I still quite enjoyed it.

Episode 18: 5/5
Tamaki can't get ahold of Haruhi over summer break, and so alerts everyone in the club that she's been kidnapped. In time, Kyoya tells them she's actually just taken a summer job in Karuizawa, working for Misuzu, her father's cross-dressing work friend. Naturally, the Host Club decides to also summer there, but since there's only one guest room, they compete in a "refreshing" contest for Misuzu to gain the spot. Many humorous competition antics ensue.

Episode 19: 5/5
Haruhi runs into a middle school friend at work in Karuizawa, making all the club boys jealous. With this episode starts a lot of breaking-the-fourth-wall meta stuff about character, which is all hilarious if you can keep up. Arai wins most of the boys over, but the twins hold out. Some really distinctive lines are drawn between Hikaru and Kaoru's characters in this episode. Kaoru is aware of how unhealthily co-dependent they are, but Hikaru isn't, so he snaps and yells at Haruhi and Arai, causing Haruhi to smack him.

Episode 20: 5/5
The last episode leads right into this one, plot-wise. Kaoru is concerned that Hikaru is so closed off, unreceptive to change, and unable to express emotions, so he sets Hikaru and Haruhi up on a date to socialize his twin. Naturally, the rest of the gang watch the awkwardness ensue from afar. There is much Tamaki-crying, plus Haruhi in a dress with hair extensions, plus the Host Club dressed in disguise to mingle with the commoners.

Episode 21: 4/5
A little 3 year old girl wanders into the Host Club and mistakes Tamaki for her golden-haired brother, who she's only seem before in a painted portrait. In fact, her brother is the creepy Black Magic Club President, Nekozawa, and the two never met because Nekozawa hates the light, and Kirimi is afraid of the dark. Tamaki takes it upon himself to try to train Nekozawa to abide the light, for his sister's sake. This episode is another meta one, because the little girl is addicted to shojo manga, and sorts all of the Host Club into their "types" quite effectively.

Bonus Episode: Mori's Secret 5/5
Mori mysteriously begins to act chatty and friendly to everyone, even calling Haruhi cute. Only Hunny is able to figure out the reason for his strange behavior, and since it's only a few pages to read, I won't give away the punchline. Mori is one of my favorites though, so I loved this extra.

(Sidenote: for some reason, the one-liners Mori got in the episode's of this volume all struck me as completely hilarious, moreso than usual.)
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