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The Vanishing Girl by Laura Thalassa
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THE VANISHING GIRL was a fantastic book that I absolutely loved! I enjoyed this book so much that I instantly dived into book two, and am reading it now as I write this review. But after hearing book three wont be released until 18 months after book twos release date, I think my heart just shattered into a million pieces. This series is just so much fun that I can't imagine having to wait a whole 18 months until book three is in my need little hands!

The world-building was interesting. I loved the world set-up and teleportation aspect, but at the same time a lot of it didn't make sense and wasn't explained enough in detail to make it plausible and believable in my mind. Their were just too many layers of the teleportation that was not elaborated on and didn't fit with the reality of common sense. But their were aspects that did and was thrilling to endure. Each teleportation only lasted 10 minutes, so whatever they had to do had to be done quick. And that made it fun and thrilling to watch unfold. But nevertheless, even with it's faults this book was still so good. I was able to easily push some of the annoying stuff that didn't sit well with me aside, and dived head first into all the juicy, fun stuff.

I LOVED the main characters, they were all kinds of fun. Going into this book I thought I was reading a Young Adult novel, which is my usual genre. But as the book progressed and it got to the intensely intimate parts, I quickly learned that is was most definitely NOT a Young Adult book liked I once thought. This book was HOT, I loved the interaction that the main characters had with each other!!! They had this chemistry that swooned and stole my breath away whenever they were within distance of each other. It had some very heated scene that literally made me want to run and jump on my!! But at the same time it wasn't overloaded with sex or all that overdoing of affection, but it did have it's fair amount that was definitely fun. But that was positively okay with me. The sex scene weren't that graphic or overdone, and had just the right amount of it all to give you a visual that was definitely satisfying and hard to put down!

But anyways, back to their actual characters traits not just their sexual! They were both great main characters. I had such a blast being inside Ember's head. She was defiant, quick to judge and long to trust, hard to open up and put faith in others. But smart, strong, determined, and definitely a survivor no matter the circumstance. Ember was hard to figure out, but fun to puzzle together and see where all the pieces fit. She was just an interesting and fun characters to explore.

And Caden, oh boy where do I even start with him! He was sooo incredibly HOT!! I mean all kinds of SEXY! The way Laura Thalassa describe him would get any girl all hot and bothered. But that wasn't the only thing I loved about Caden. He was so strong, I mean physically and mentally. But also cocky and arrogant, yet he was skilled and very intelligent, even if he tried to play that bad boy card. The boy had brains and mad skills that could get the job done and some! But none of that was done in a bad way and came of as very cute and was wonderfully done.


Ember Pierce has been secretly Teleporting since she hit puberty, she doesn't know how or why, just that she can't let anyone know about her secret ability, or bad things might happen. Keeping it hidden from everyone in her life, Ember goes on like normal, but at night when she falls asleep she teleports anywhere in the world her mind takes her. She has no control over where or how she teleports, just that sometimes she finds herself waking up naked or in the weirdest predicament at her teleportation destination. But all that changes when she teleports somewhere someone else directed her too, and she just so happens to be dressed seductively with a gun and a piece a paper telling her to kill someone. Yeah, that's when Ember's secret teleportation world intertwines with her reality, and it all starts to unravel...

Kidnapped for her ability and taken to a facility for people like her, Ember is thrust into a world of the unknown, where nothing seems like it should be, and the one person who pulled her into this mess may be the only one to get her out, if she can stay alive long enough to find out...

Ember finds with a horrifying realization, that she has be mutated to teleport, and that the government is going to collect their property—her. Ember is a fighter, and she isn't going down without taking the Project down with her. But in order to escape and expose the life she's been forced into, Ember must bide her time and play by the rules, at least until she has the means to escape.

Ember is paired with the last person she wants to be around, Caden Hawthorne, the same arrogant, sarcastic, and insanely hot boy that kidnapped her and brought her into this terrible life, and she has no choice but to deal with it. But as the days drag on and Ember is still stuck in the facility, she starts to understand that pairing means a lot more then just your partner helping you around. And then the realization of what that means for her and her "enemy" hits her like a thousand bricks, and she must find a way out of it before she ends up like some of the other girls—pregnant, love-sick, and doomed. But then Caden comes to her aid in more ways then one, and makes her feel things she didn't even know was possible. And then she starts to rethink everything she once thought about Caden and his motives, and realizes she just may be starting to see the real side of him—a side she is starting to like, a lot...

Forced to go on high operative missions with barely any training, Ember has no choice but to step up her game if she wants to survive long enough to save herself. With her life in danger Ember is forced to take her missions more seriously. She becomes strong, faster, and a skilled fighter, but not just that, she does the one thing she was hoping not too, accidentally reveals her true strengths—strengths that the Project would love to exploit if ever discover.

With her life coming undone at the seams, Ember is forced to become someone she's not, a distractor. One of the Projects best distractors at that. Her job? Using her body, mind, and profiling talents to distract her targets. But Ember is quickly learning the hard way, that her so called "talent" may just be her downfall, and ultimately cost her her life...

THE VANISHING GIRL hit me by surprise and stole my breath and heart away! I did not think I would like this book as much as I did. At first I wasn't too keen on the whole teleporting aspect, it's definitely new to me, but the secretive opps missions, highly skilled spies, corrupted government, and the promise of hot romance caught my attention and lured me to this world. But I am so happy that it did, because I found myself eating it all up and falling head first into this world!! The teleporting was actually a fun aspect of THE VANISHING GIRL, even with it's lack of believability, it was still fun to see where Ember popped up next, and if she would be naked or in any other awkward situation.

Overall, THE VANISHING GIRL was a fun ride with loads of everything I love. Action, adventure, conspires, spies, combat training, aggressive missions, betrayal, suspicion, plotting, corruption, evil governments, romance, HOT sexual scenes, and one of my new favorites, Teleportation!! So if any of that sounds liked something you'd enjoy, then I definitely say to give THE VANISHING GIRL it's fair shot, it did not disappoint me!!
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