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After the Night by Linda Howard
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Ok.. I ended up with conflicted feelings: I enjoyed the story, and started really liking the book about halfway through...
Before that however... Gray?? : What. An. Ass. I understand that he was mad at the whole family, but treating Faith like that at that age??? Unforgivable! And what's up with Faith? I felt like she was a dog that was being kicked over and over again and yet she still had feelings for him! lol.. **rant over**

Seriously though, I was disturbed and creeped out by his reaction to her in the *past* part of the story... And I hated how, 12 yrs later, they meet up, and, even though she does put up a bit of a fight, Gray didn't even apologize!!! WTF?

Once they get to the second sex scene, the book got more enjoyable, and not only because that scene was hilarious:-) It feels like he finally grew up.. I liked her more in the first half, and him more in the second half... 3.5-4 stars.. (2* for the first third, then it moves up to 5* at the end)
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