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Low Red Moon by Ivy Devlin
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Aug 31, 2010

it was ok
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I felt like this book had a really promising start--Avery is found in the woods covered in her parents' blood after they've been murdered and mutilated and though she was there, she can't remember a thing. I was really interested in the mystery of what happened and why, and also in finding out how Avery would deal with the loss and horror of it.

Low Red Moon turned out to be a real mish-mash of things--paranormal romance, murder mystery, environmental mysticism... Unfortunately, they didn't really seem to mesh very well at all; none of those themes actually connected within the story, so it ended up feeling sloppy and jumbled. I really kept expecting everything to come together in a way that made sense by the end, but they never did. Maybe Devlin is leaving that for a sequel?

I had a lot of trouble with the writing as well; it's overwrought and awkward and riddled with typos and tense changes and grammatical errors, and while Devlin's copious use of dashes and ellipses and commas makes the dialogue feel pretty natural at times, often it just makes things overly repetitious or confusing. Many times I found myself having to reread sentences over and over in order to figure out what on earth she was trying to say. There are also a lot of inconsistencies; take this paragraph, for instance: "Between his shoulder blades I felt a tiny patch of hair, a small triangle about two fingers wide. Downy soft, like baby's hair, impossibly soft. But it was hair. Not like baby's hair." Um, what? But you just said it was like baby's hair. I think it's supposed to read, "But it wasn't hair," and so imply that it was fur, but even with that change, it's awkward and unclear. There's a lot of that here.

Now, to be fair, I am extremely picky about grammar and punctuation and spelling errors in books, and what I read was an uncorrected advance proof. However, I'm generally able to put those problems aside if the plot and characters are compelling enough. Sadly, that just wasn't the case here. Neither Avery nor Ben felt particularly well-developed to me, so I was never really drawn to care about them; I just never got any real sense of their personalities. Renee and Louis were probably the most interesting characters to me, but even they lacked that spark of believability. Same with the plot as a whole...there was a real lack of depth here. The copy I have seems way more like a rough draft than it does an almost finished product, and I really hope it goes through some heavy editing before it's actually released in its finished form. I think with some work it could be a really interesting story--the bones are there. But as it is, it feels not quite done.

Still, there were enough elements in Low Red Moon that interested me that I might possibly pick up the sequel from the library whenever it's released (I'm assuming there will be a sequel, because there are so many unanswered questions left at the end of the book, and also, doesn't EVERYTHING have a sequel these days?).

I'm giving it two stars only, because in the end I just really didn't connect to any of the characters, the plot wasn't convincing enough for me, and the grammar stuff really bugged me. But most people are not as ridiculous as I am about grammar, and I think that a lot of fans of books like Shiver and Hush, Hush will really enjoy this.

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aidanadia I completely and utterly agree with you. Fantastic review, by the way.

Lara Your review is great too! You know what made me maddest about this? I had attempted to read an Elizabeth Scott book before and couldn't even finish it because I thought it was so bad, and I vowed never to read anything written by her ever again. And then I found out that Ivy Devlin is actually a pen name of Elizabeth Scott's and I felt so, so cheated--ha!

aidanadia Thanks! :)
I haven't read anything else by Elizabeth Scott, but I was really surprised that Devlin and Scott were one and the same. I had heard such marvellous things about "Living Dead Girl" too.
Too bad you couldn't escape her. Third time's the charm though, hopefully you'll never "accidentally" read anything of hers again ;)

Lara Well, in all fairness, people seem to love Elizabeth Scott, so maybe she's just not to my taste. And maybe the book I read of hers (Something, Maybe) just wasn't one of her best, I don't know. Living Dead Girl actually sounds more interesting than her usual fare--maybe I'll actually give her a third attempt on purpose at some point!

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