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The Return by Roberto Bolaño
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Aug 30, 2010

really liked it

The more I read his stories, the more I wish Bolano were still alive...
Some of the stories in the collection are among his best. Wonderful. Leaving you in the midst of nowhere, mesmerized ...

Just a few random picks:

from "Photos":
... and suddenly enters (though in the village where he happens to be stranded there is no such thing as a sudden entry) the kingdom of the thousand and one nights of literature and memory... and he remembers having seen some of those poets already, many years ago, maybe in 1972, before the publication of the book he is holding, or in 1971, or perhaps he's mistaken and is seeing them for the first time, with a persistent and as yet unexplained feeling, somewhere between perplexity - a singularly sweet perplexity - and envy..."(p.186)

from "Prefiguration of Lola Cura":
... at the house of crime, which for me was the house of boredom and sometimes the house of dismay and happiness. These days there's no time to get bored, happiness vanished somewhere in the world, and all that's left is dismay. Perpetual dismay, composed of corpses and ordinary people ..." (p.115)

from "Detectives":
"I think this country went to hell years ago, and the reason we're here, those of us who stayed, is to have nightmares, just because someone had to stay and face up to them." (p. 44)

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