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Sing Me to Sleep by Angela Morrison
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Aug 30, 2010

it was ok
Recommended to Samantha by: Ari Noth
Recommended for: Twilight fans, Lurlene McDaniel fans

There are a few things I hate. Makeover scenes, awkward writing, overly protective male figures, whiny and incrediably insecure protagonists and feeling like I could have written the book better. Congrats, Angela Morrison, you managed to hit all of these on the head.

I'm not quite sure what I just read. From page 220 to 293 I loved the book. I read it speedily and without thought I had to get up the next morning. It brought tears to my eyes and I wanted to read it over and over again.

The rest of the book sucked though. Sucked to the point where I wanted to give it up and sell it on Amazon. This book has been raved about by so many and I so dearly wanted a sweet and sappy book. Sing Me To Sleep just wasn't that though.

Beth is insecure. She's tall, has bad skin, uncontrollable hair and glasses. And, as anyone who has ever seen a teen movie knows, glasses make you ugly. I've been wearing glasses for over half my life, no I'm not bitter at being told once again that the way to be beautiful is to wear contacts (eyes are too sensitive) or get laser-surgery (think about what would happen if they messed up).

I found her character inconsistent and whiny. In the last half of the book she's complains that she doesn't like being told what to do and refuses to do those things. However, in the first half she goes through this makeover that she doesn't want. Also, I'm all for a little insecurity in books but that insecurity should be fixed from within, not with a bottle of hair dye.

After receiving a solo in choir Beth is given an extreme makeover, acne is lasered away, her hair is dyed (only blondes are pretty)and straightened to death, her eyesight is lasered to perfection. It made me want to throw away my make up in protest. I think it's all very lovely that there are these fictional people that will spend this kind of money on a girl. But, here's the thing, Beth's newfound confidence doesn't mean much. Sure, it took her awhile to realize that now she really was beautiful but so what? If she had realized that she was beautiful pre-makeover then I probably would have loved the book much more.

Also, as a side note, the likelihood of successful Lasic at sixteen is slim to none. Your eyesight is still changing at that age and it could be just a few years until she needs glasses again.

If her 'friends' had just given her a bottle of Nutrogena and some leave-in conditioner I would have fully loved the book, probably given it three stars. But no, it was taken to the extreme and sends off a bad message.

Derek... oh I loved him in that 70 page section. Sweet and desperate. He was the fictional lover boy package. But when we first meet him and within five pages Beth is making out with him I have a little bit of an issue. I mean, who is the guy? It all seemed so sudden. Like another reviewer said, it felt like the author was going for that instance chemistry that Bella and Edward (ugh!) had. That might be so and if I could buy in to that I would have been fine, but there was no buying.

Now for Scott, at the beginning of the book I loved Scott so much. He was adorable, kind of dorky and such a great friend. I wanted to smack Beth around a few times for being so dense and not seeing that he loved her. But then Scott changed and he kind of became... a bit of a douchebag.

I push away from him (Scott). "Our (hers and Derek's) relationship isn't about sex."

"Good, because ours will be."

Okay, that's not romantic. That's creepy and makes me want to file a restraining order. I don't care how desperately the guy wanted to be with her he was a jerk at the end at Beth shouldn't have gone with him.

The ending at page 293 was fine. I've read my fair share of Lurlene McDaniel. But the ending at 301? Really? I won't give anything away but the author might want to consider taking a psychology class because the ending was awkward, unrealistic and sudden.

I also felt like the writing was sometimes awkward and the time line was bizarre. Throwing the month in there every once in awhile would have been fine.

Now, that all being said, there is a seventy page chunk at the end that I love. The dialogue is spot on and realistic (in fact, with a few exceptions it's true for this through out the book). It's emotional and pulls well at my heartstrings. Had the book been that seventy pages this would be a five star review. However there are 220 other pages in the book that I just can't get over.

I would recommended this book to those currently obsessed with Lurlene McDaniel. This is probably a great book for those who aren't going to analyze it or be offended that once again glasses, acne, anything other than blonde hair is being deemed ugly.

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9.97% "Yet another book telling girls that all they need to be beautiful is to take their glasses off and straighten their hair. Gag me. Please."
January 21, 2011 –
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14.62% "She's dense and shallow. Awesome."
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20.93% "You can't have laser eye surgery so young. Your eyes are still changing. I'm hoping all this makeover shit has a point in the end."
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26.25% "This trisomy thing came out of nowhere. I hope it has a point. I think the author just grabbed random words out of a bag and ran this crap plot together."
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55.15% "Can someone punch Beth in the face?"
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97.34% "220 to 290 are super strong. Love them. Beth becomes a character and I care for her and Derek."
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100.0% "Let's not discuss that awkward ending."
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Lisa I just read this and thought it was SO unrealistic how her mom just brought her to have lasik surgery. I had lasik surgery a couple of years ago and you have to go through a consultation first. Maybe it was different where I'm from, but you don't just go in and have it done that day, especially if you're a teenager and your eyesight is still developing!
Good review :)

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