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Disenchanted by Leigh Goff
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it was amazing
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Today I am reviewing a YA debut novel, Disenchanted, by Leigh Goff. When I first opened the book, I was afraid I'd made a mistake when agreeing to review it. I though perhaps I had volunteered to review a romance novel that wouldn't be appropriate on my Christian blog.

However, that was not the case. While some may not agree with Christians reading novels about witches and warlocks and vampires and such, I love literature and fiction literature especially. I teach middle school and high school English. Fantasy is an amazing place to escape to.

There are real life lessons, yes, even spiritual lessons, that can be taught through supernatural characters tucked within the pages of fiction that some would choose to ban.

This was a story of redemption. A story of righting past wrongs. Sacrificing self for the good of the community. It was a story of love--laying down one's life for their brother.

Were there witches and warlocks and magic? Yep, but the message didn't change.

Would I allow my own children to read it? NO, I wouldn't allow it. I would ENCOURAGE it!

Heroine: Sophie Goodchild
Hero: Alexavier Mather

Where: Wethersfield, Connecticut

Sixteen-year-old Sophie is half-witch and half-ordinary and wholly fits in no where. She is struggling to discover who she is while attempting to present only the version of herself she wants others to see.

In the midst of her struggle, a battle rages between good and evil. Unfortunately for Sophie, the lines aren’t quite as clear between the two sides as others believe they should be.

The Mathers have been locking witches away and even killing them for years. Can she keep herself from falling in love with one of Judge Mather’s sons? Can Alexavier Mather protect both of them from the curse that one of Sophie’s ancestors placed on his family?

Throughout the book Sophie struggles to balance family relationships, friendships, dating relationships, coven relationships, and appearances of relationships for those trying to bring harm to her. She tries to master the skills to become a herbalist and tries to control the skills of spellcasting that are already within her.

Sophie discovers that everyone in her life is different and gifted in some way. Even the people she thought were Ordinaries.

A story that starts out feeling a lot like a mystery with some romance thrown in, winds up feeling more like a book about the battle between good and evil. Characters are forced to choose between doing what’s right because it’s what everyone wants you to do, because it’s easiest, or because you have decided to risk your own life to save the lives of others. Characters have to choose whether to sacrifice or steal.

While Sophie’s character is well-developed, the hero, Alexavier, is not as developed. His “criminal” past is never fully explained to the point that the reader finds worth in it’s inclusion. The “curse” placed on his family doesn’t drive the plot enough to make it as mysterious as it seems throughout the text. When I discovered what the big secret was, I was really disappointed. There was no secret.

After the heroine puts so much on the line to heal the past and the present, she gets no happily-ever-after at all in the end. Her personal past isn’t healed, but everyone else’s is. Her present that was looking up, is now completely undone.

While I would absolutely recommend this book to my middle school and high school students, I do think it was lacking a little depth in the hero and secondary characters.

I also desperately hope there is a sequel coming so that Sophie can have some kind of HEA. I felt so sorry for her at the end of this book. I guess it just felt a little too much like real life for me. I wanted everything to work out.

If you enjoy fiction, fantasy romance, witches, historical fiction, debut novels, YA novels, books about good vs evil, or simply trying something new, then this book is for you!

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