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The Last Page by Anthony Huso
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Aug 29, 2010

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Read from August 29 to September 16, 2010


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Reading Progress

08/29/2010 page 40
9.0% "I like the newness of it. The setting is original, though it feels a bit like Fullmetal Alchemist."
08/29/2010 page 55
13.0% "Shades of Lovecraft?"
08/29/2010 page 65
15.0% "I'm wondering if it might not have been better if the book did not include Sena's perspective. It might have given it a nice air of mystery which it lacks as is."
08/29/2010 page 76
18.0% "That was... abrupt."
08/30/2010 page 102
24.0% "I like the flavor of the politics he uses. I'm not yet sure the tour of the city has a point or not."
08/30/2010 page 129
30.0% "His father's death has no impact for me. I don't feel anything for a character we've never encountered and has only been mentioned twice in passing."
09/01/2010 page 142
33.0% "Well it seems I judged the cottage chapters to hastily. Huso had an entirely different purpose in mind than I expected. Primarily, I think, they were meant to re-define the relationship of the two protagonists."
09/07/2010 page 161
37.0% "More players in the game."
09/07/2010 page 168
39.0% "Why is Pandragor going to be any better at dealing with the Willin Droul than the Sisterhood?"
09/12/2010 page 175
41.0% "I'm beginning to think Miriam is right to despise Sena. Not only is she keeping things from the Sisterhood, but turning the book over to them might have prevented a war."
09/13/2010 page 293
68.0% "The soul bomb is a neat idea."
09/14/2010 page 302
70.0% "This is starting to get complicated."
09/14/2010 page 307
71.0% "Who what when where why?"
09/14/2010 page 310
72.0% "The whole story feels chaotic, like everything just flies at me out of nowhere."
09/14/2010 page 324
75.0% "I don't like Caliph. In watchmen terms, he isn't the intractable moralist that is Rorschach, or the unswerving sociopath that is Ozymandias, but the squishy wimp that is Nite Owl."
09/14/2010 page 330
76.0% "I'm confused. I would have thought "taken by silver" meant you had to buy it."
09/14/2010 page 343
79.0% "What could Ghoul Court have to do with "the plan"?"
09/16/2010 page 358
83.0% "Sena really is rather despicable."
09/16/2010 page 365
84.0% "What's this then?"
09/16/2010 page 390
90.0% "Could have done without the urination scene."
09/16/2010 page 400
93.0% "All these half-understood motivations are really annoying me."

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