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The Sheriff of Yrnameer by Michael Rubens
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Aug 29, 2010

really liked it
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This book is like a giant one man show where every character is played by zaphod beeblebrox, the good british zaphod with the one head that is always napping not the disney one, that well honestly I turned the movie off before he showed up so who knows.

If you have seen the ultimate hitchhikers guide chances are you have read the story young zaphod plays it safe. This novel feels a lot like a play on that, sort of. You know how the old alice and wonderland cartoon is a play on that book with a ton of scenes from through the looking glass thrown in for good measure. It is young zaphod plays it safe with a bunch of scenes from all the other books thrown in for good measure. Basically if you made a list of all your favorite things from a douglas adams book cut them up put them in a hat, made a found poem and then created an anagram of that found poem without the letter Q allowed you would have this book. Basically what I am saying is that I love this book.

No I did not sit down and have a long contemplative silence in the middle of the book about the meaning of my life, but I don't really think even mr rubens really saw that as the purpose of this novel. I did laugh.

I saw a review by the jane austen and zombies guy that said ruben was the love child of pratchett and adams... I thought that was my idea but whatever I mean that guy is clearly smarter than me anyway, or more literate, or I am just being an idiot and covering my ass because I want to be the first person to say awesome things like that.

But the point is that adams and pratchett are two sides of the british humor spectrum. Pratchett is low in your face humor. And if you don't get it he will point it out again just to be sure, basically laugh out loud. Adams (from my memory I haven't read him in probably 15 years) is a more subtle absurd kind of humor. The most important thing in the universe is your towel and god does not exist because philosophically he has proven his existence QED. Basically pratchett is humor for the pub and adams is humor for people who know enough latin to understand QED, or if you are me knew enough at one point to know what it translates to in english. Rubens is both of these men, but in an american andersen prunty kind of way. Yeah I am so name dropping in this review. If you liked this book go read zerostrata by prunty you will like it I swear. He does a bit of the look at me I made a stupid joke and a good amount of the other absurd stuff. He also has a bit of um... susanna clarke in the obliviousness is interesting department. A lot of characters just don't know what is going on and no one in the book bothers to tell them. Sometimes the character who acts as a bit of a partial narrator (third person but clearly from his perspective) doesn't even know what happened last night and another character has to tell him.

The play on form is a great time. And seeing how I keep verging on giving spoilers I am going to shut up so you can go read the book yourself and have a nice romp through the solar system. but remember

It can't get worse... then it did.
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4.0% "if a bounty hunter lays eggs in your brain through your eye is the eye salvageable?"
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69.0% "there is nothing quite as awesome as a character so black out drunk he can't even tell the reader where the plot has gone."

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