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it was amazing
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Okay, I have to admit that when I bought this book, I bought it because of its beautiful cover. I didn't even know what it was about and had never heard about it before. But I'm happy to report that in this case, judging a book by its cover did work because this book has a beautiful cover but inside it, it has an even more beautiful story.

This book is a vampire story but it's not your typical vampire story in the sense that the protagonist Lenah, just doesn't reminisce about her human days - she actually gets to be a human again (Which I loved reading about) after reigning as a vampire queen.

Things I loved about this book:

1. Lenah. She is such a strong female character. She looks 16 but she is really almost 600 years old and she is a very intelligent and observative person and she does not make excuses for any wrongs she's done in the past. She admits her faults and tries to move on.

2. Prose. Oh Rebecca, I loved your writing. It was, I don't know how to say it, sophisticated? is maybe the word I'm looking for but I just thought the writing was amazing, very fluid and beautiful even.

3. Rebecca doesn't just tell, she shows. Everything Lenah feels about being human again and about being awoken and human in the 21st century - you will feel too.

4. Rhode. I don't want to give anything away but he is the most amazing male character I've read about in a while. So swoon worthy and my #1 literary crush at the moment. This is a man who truly sacrifices everything for the woman he loves. He is selfless, has a conscience, and is caring. He may not be in the book as much as some other characters but man oh man, does he leave a massive impression on you. I can't wait to read more of him (LOVE RHODE).

5. The flashbacks. I don't want to give anything away, but I loved reading these.

6. The vampires in this story are bad-ass. Forget about vampires who glitter in the sun and are sensitive (not that I have a problem with that but I know some people do). These vamps do not disappoint for those of you who stick to original vampire lore.

7. Amazing characters. Lenah, Rhode and a few others. I just loved how some characters especially Lenah were so reflective and wise when it comes to what humanity entails. The observations made about life were so amazing and might I add, philosophical (which I loved).

8. The ending. OMG, the ending of this book is just wow. Just when you think you had everything figured out, Rebecca Maizel just throws a massive curve ball at you. Her cliffhanger was like no other I have read. It was epic and left me wanting to read the sequel desperately.

Things I didn't like about this book:

1. Justin as a love interest. Not swoon worthy enough. His personality was lacking. I hope he improves in book 2.

2. Tony isn't a a best friend id like to have. I thought he was a bit obsessive, annoying and creepy when it came to Lenah. He did have his funny moments but there was something off about him for me.

3. The climax wasn't real good but Thank God for that ending. That ending redeems it.

** My Advise: Read this book. It's amazing. I now consider it my favorite book. Which is a big thing for me, considering that I can be a bit indecisive about books sometimes (there are just so many good ones out there, that how do you choose?). But I have no problem in saying that this is my favorite book ever (: **

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Quotes Jen Liked

Rebecca Maizel
“Library? That sounded reasonable. As my thoughts revolved around my days surrounded by books, something miraculous happened. My anger subsided. It ebbed away as the thoughts of books, pages, and comfort entered my head.”
Rebecca Maizel, Infinite Days

Rebecca Maizel
“Ghosts have a way of misleading you; they can make your thoughts as heavy as branches after a storm.”
Rebecca Maizel, Infinite Days

Rebecca Maizel
“Evil be he who thinketh evil.”
Rebecca Maizel, Infinite Days

Rebecca Maizel
“You did this on purpose," I said to Justin as the man continued to strap me in.
"Maybe," he said.
"What is it you're playing at? Your girlfriend is down there at the river."
"Let's jump together."
"Come on Lenah!" Tony called from below.
"If you jump with me, Tracy will know."
Justin stood up. "Know what?"
"I mean , she'll think you did it on purpose."
"I did do it on purpose," he said.
"You two," the bungee man said. "Keep you eyes open if you're jumping together. Don't bash heads or anything. I hate cleaning up blood."
"If you jump with me-" I started to say.
"I don't care anymore.”
Rebecca Maizel, Infinite Days

Rebecca Maizel
“I started to speak to him in his native tongue, "why would you want to sit with me?" He pressed his lips together, and his eyebrows screwed up. He ran a hand through his spiky black hair. "I don' speak Japanese," He said in English. "But My parents do." "Strange," I said. "A Japanese boy who only speaks English?”
Rebecca Maizel, Infinite Days
tags: humor

Rebecca Maizel
“Let's chow, and then we'll get our books," Tony said. Just as the door was about to close behind us, he added, "You act like you've never had food before.”
Rebecca Maizel, Infinite Days

Rebecca Maizel
“So I am your distraction?"
"You," He said,his face coming within inches of mine, " Are my only hope.”
Rebecca Maizel, Infinite Days

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thesebooksiread I felt the exact same way! Totally surprised by this book! Loved it!

message 2: by Jen (last edited Jul 12, 2011 07:07PM) (new) - rated it 5 stars

Jen I know, right? it's so amazing! Glad you loved it, Tracy! :)

message 3: by Elsa (new) - added it

Elsa Carrion You buy books like I do....cover makes or breaks it sometimes.

message 4: by CeCe (new) - added it

CeCe Okay, Jen I saw that you listed this as your favorite so I am going to check it out. Especially now since I am in a YA paranormal fantasy high. :)

Jen Christine wrote: "Okay, Jen I saw that you listed this as your favorite so I am going to check it out. Especially now since I am in a YA paranormal fantasy high. :)"

Yay. I hope you like it as much as I did! :)

message 6: by CeCe (new) - added it

CeCe I just put a hold on it at my library.

message 7: by Jen (last edited Jun 21, 2015 09:04AM) (new) - rated it 5 stars

Jen Christine wrote: "I just put a hold on it at my library."

That makes me smile. I really hope that you enjoy it. Im currently finishing up the 3rd book in this series and it's definitely one of my fave YA vamp series. It's my fave because it's character driven and the main characters, Lenah and Rhode have so much depth of emotion!

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