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This Side of the Grave by Jeaniene Frost
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Aug 27, 2010

it was ok

*Rambling mode ON*

The woman has written two series (7 full novels, give or take a few short stories) featuring blood vessels, heartbeats, and bloodflows. You would think that would be reason enough to look up some basics in cardiology. But she can't tell the difference between arteries and veins for the life of her, so, why does she insist on on going on, for pages and pages, about all the nuances of how a heart stops beating? Why does she describe those last few heartbeats in a heart attack one by one, if she thinks they are not worth getting right? She doesn't have to do research anywhere else, come on, this is urban fantasy, but why does she insist on writing the same silly thing on every book? Lots of vampire books have been written without talking nonsense about electrocardiograms. I have read them.

Between that and the awful Spanish that Juan speaks from time to time... I think the author should try to get those details right, or ignore them altogether. But Google translator is so NOT a good translator.

*Rambling mode OFF*

That aside, I still like Cat and Bones a lot better than the spin-off saga, even if, this time, Jeaniene Frost has gone over the top with the gore: brains splattered, limbs ripped, skulls dented, and guts showing everywhere. The book has neither the strength nor the humour of the first couple of titles. Except from Vlad, of course, who is as great a sidekick as ever: I really do hope that his own spin-off doesn't mess with that, too...

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Paula Bee nunca he pensado que Jeaniene Frost sea de hecho una muy buena escritora, ella solo tiene la fortaleza de crear grandes personajes, yo creo q todas sus anteriores novelas tienen paginas y paginas de explicaciones o/y conversaciones mentales con ellos mismos que ostigan y son en exceso repetitivas y el que alargen la historia por que vende bn? eso me cabrea, las sagas no tienen pq se eternas

Libro Joven Estoy de acuerdo contigo. Yo la leo por costumbre, y ahora, ya que empecé, LA ACABO xD Pero cuando me enteré de que iban a ser 9 libros, la verdad, casi me da un osponcio. Espero que mejoren algo, porque si siguen así no sé si seré capaz de terminarla...

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