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How to Howl at the Moon by Eli Easton
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it was amazing
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Recommended for: Dog lovers and Eli Easton fluff fans
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Belens Audio Book Review

*This is a 5 star audio!!* Matthew Shaw is a new narrator, but don’t let that make you hesitate before picking this up – he was absolutely fantastic. I cannot wait to hear more from him!

I really, really, really liked this one! Eli Easton has created a not-so-typical shifter story that’s sweet, funny, hot…and just emotional enough.

The people of Mad Creek have more than their fair share of secrets to hide, but the biggest is the town is also a haven for some humans who were once, or are descended from, dogs. Though not even they understand all the science behind it what they know is a dog, an ordinary dog, can become “quickened”. They call it “getting the spark” and it happens when a dog forms a very close bond with a specific human. Eventually, that bond can trigger something in the dog that enables them to become human.

Sheriff Lance Beaufort is descended, on both sides, from Border Collies. He’s hyper vigilant, steady, and completely suspicious of the stranger that just showed up in their small town. As the protector of Mad Creek Lance decides he must carefully investigate this new human in their midst, and what better way to discreetly get to know someone than posing undercover as a dog?

Gardener Tim Weston is more than just down on his luck. He’s practically dead broke, driving a truck that’s an oil change away from death, and hoping for a brand new start. He takes up a former client’s offer to stay in her cabin in Mad Creek in exchange for creating a never before seen rose hybrid for her. When Tim shows up in town he’s taken aback by how quickly the Sheriff comes sniffing around him. Worse, whenever Lance is around he becomes a complete spaz…fumbling, jerking, lying, and generally acting very suspiciously. Tim decides the best thing to do is to stay far away from the alert-gazed Sheriff.

When Tim hits a beautiful black collie with his car and adopts the dog, it’s love at first sight for both Tim and Lance’s inner dog “Chance”. Now Lance just has to figure out how to get Tim to fall for his human side too.


Lance and Tim are so cute together, they just melted my heart. There is so much humor in this story and it is superb. Matthew Shaw’s narration balances perfectly between just funny enough and too much. His narration is magnificent. He brings an emotional depth to the story and brings each character’s voice to life. HIGHLY RECOMMENDED!

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P.S.: I cannot wait for Roman's story!!

Oh, look! Rabbit!

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4.0% "The guy leaned forward and exhaled a long and heavy breath right into Lance’s face. \n What the fuck? Lance blinked rapidly in surprise. \n “See? I’m not drunk or anything. Or stoned. Do I look it? I drove through the night, so I’m kinda rumpled. And probably I stink. I saw you sniffing me. But I’m not….” The guy seemed to catch up with Lance’s shocked expression. He turned an amazing shade of red."
February 28, 2015 –
12.0% "And you might want to work on your town’s welcoming committee. Maybe invite a few little old ladies to participate. Tell them I want my fucking fruit basket.” \n And with that, Timothy Traynor marched to the front door and held it open pointedly."
February 28, 2015 –
24.0% ""That’s Sergeant James Patson, US Army,” Roman said, his voice rough. \n “His face is very pleasant.” \n “He was… he was the best man that ever lived.” Roman swallowed hard, staring at the picture. “Strong. Kind. Honorable. Brave. He taught me what it meant to be a man."\n Cue the sniffles."
February 28, 2015 –
37.0% "Lily snorted. “As if I would tell anyone! You think I want it spread around that my son’s into puppy play?”\n Lance felt his temper supernova. Yes, that was really quite an interesting sensation, the way the cells inside his chest spontaneously burst into flame. “I AM NOT INTO PUPPY PLAY! AND HOW DO YOU EVEN KNOW THAT TERM?”"
February 28, 2015 –
43.0% "He wished he could reassure Tim. On the other hand, it was a relief not to be able to talk, because as sure as the sun rose, Lance Beaufort would fuck it up."
February 28, 2015 –
48.0% ""But…but what if Tim is growing you-know-what! I’m still investigating him!” \n Lily snorted. “Any fool can see that boy is not a drug lord. And if he does grow a little pot, well, big deal. I used to enjoy reefer now and then. It makes you nice and loose for sex.” \n “Mother!""
February 28, 2015 –
56.0% "Lance knew with certainly, by the swelling of his heart, that he had bonded with Tim completely. He was in love. He was a one-man dog, and Tim was it for him."
February 28, 2015 –
64.0% "Lance pulled out of the parking lot and groaned. “I see an impeachment in my future. Because you could talk me into anything. You could probably get me to have sex in the diner during the lunch hour rush.” \n “I swear to be responsible in the use of my super power,” Tim said solemnly."
February 28, 2015 –
81.0% "Don't get me wrong, I'm happy as hell this didn't devolve into some big misunderstanding plot, but does anyone else think it resolved a bit too quickly? I mean, one second it's all, "Get out!" and next second it's, "I love you!" (Although I'll tell you I totally teared up.)"
February 28, 2015 –
83.0% "This was like that Spiderman scene, only way better. Who knew being nuzzled and licked and smelled while basically hanging upside down over a guy’s back could be so fucking hot?"
February 28, 2015 –
84.0% " was like being rimmed by a gopher determined to burrow. And that was way hotter than it sounded."
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0.0% "Holy $#!+ I just won the audio book!! \n Congrats on winning the contest at My Fiction Nook. You won a free copy of the audiobook of “How to Howl at the Moon”. \n This rocks!!! \n Also, this will obviously be my audio choice for the morning.\n Thank you Eli Easton and My Fiction Nook!!!"
June 19, 2015 –
8.0% "Matthew Shaw is a new narrator for me, but so far, he's fantastic!"
June 19, 2015 –
28.0% "I am loving this narrator, Matthew Shaw. He's fantastic!"
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Catherine *dies* I loved that part.

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