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Mockingjay by Suzanne Collins
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Aug 26, 2010

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The final book in Collins Hunger Game series follows Katniss as she is finally free of the Games...or is she? As the "Mockingjay", she is the face of the rebellion, and it's supposed leader. In truth, she is a broken girl, hard pressed to show up, let alone contribute to the rebel cause.

This book follows suit in tone to the rest of the series, the twists revealing plot after plot attempting to use the Tributes/Victors to the best advantage by politicians seeking yet more power. Katniss again must question who she can trust, if anyone.

At first she functions as in the previous books, her and her families survival the only thing of importance. As she sees the suffering throughout the districts as people fight against the capitol her feelings begin to change and she truly beckons to her calling, to her name. But, she meets suffering at every corner, and the losses throughout the book are massive. Collins seems to follow the "Anyone Can Die" trope and your favorite character is not protected from that mentality.

By the end of the book the war is over, but the question remains, who really won? Will the future be any better? Have the Hunger Games really ended...or just a that rendition?

The epilogue to me didn't really fit with the rest of the story, seemed much too neat and somewhat against the grain of the rest of the series and Katniss' character. Peeta must have been very convincing to get her to have one child, let alone two. To me Katniss' character would have been deadset against bringing more life into that world, and I'm certain there would have been many orphans to care for...

Although it is in Katniss' character to be selfish, lending her to want her own children rather than someone else's, I think her selfish lends itself more to not having more people whom she'll have to feel desperate to protect and perhaps eventually lose.

Overall, I'd read the book, but leave out the Epilogue. The epilogue is too neat and clean and happy for Panem, the story loses it's edge with that Disney ending.

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