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Nevermore by Kelly Creagh
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Aug 25, 2010

it was amazing
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Many novels attempt to but very few succeed in creating a love story that is able to move beyond the superficial aspect of all love stories and redeem itself by growing along with the characters in the novel. I started reading Nevermore without many expectations as Poe is not one of my favourite writers though I don’t hate him. I did read one of his creepier stories and found it sufficiently chilling to award him the healthy respect he deserves as a literary figure. So when I initially started reading about Varen, the guy posturing as Death, and Isobel, the cheerleader who came complete with almost all the stereotypes associated with cheerleaders including the obnoxious jock boyfriend, I was not very impressed. Not with Varen, nor with Isobel.

However, there was movement in the story. A definite movement that took the characters who, if you will bear with the analogy, were mere unfilled outlines and filled them with colour, passion and a back-story that made them more than what the stereotypes painted them as. I really liked the development…the evolution of Isobel from the insipid heroine to someone spunky, someone with a backbone, someone I could respect and like. And though Varen’s mystery clung to him more determinedly than any dark cloak, and though at the end of the book we still have much to uncover about him, there were still various hints into his psyche, his loneliness and vulnerability that make him into a character fascinating enough to read about.

The plot of the story is perhaps one of the biggest reasons the book was a success with me. In a genre filled, almost to the brim, with fairies, vampires and all other kinds of supernatural beings, Ms. Creagh introduces something different. Something that weds the lightness of the fiction aimed at YA audience (the teens) to the much more serious and perhaps a lot more intellectual audience who actually read the YA genre nowadays (college students being prevalent among them). I loved how the complexities served dual purposes. For example, the crows were both creepy things that added danger and thrill to the plot – at the same time they raised the question of Varen’s mental being, considering the fact that he was the one who “created” them with his words. There’s a sort of existentialist bent to the entire story that I very much appreciated. Plus the novel confirms the power of the pen (and words) almost literally with Varen and his writing (I’ll leave you to figure out how).

I also applaud Ms. Creagh for not taking the easy way out and banishing the parents somewhere to make the path (and plot) easier to develop. The audience remains aware that these are kids we are reading about and no matter how grown-up their actions and thoughts may be, they are still, in the eyes of the world, children. I liked how the parents weren’t perfect or cardboard variety side characters who would fade in and out of the narrative without meaning. They are presented flaws and all – overprotective, uncaring, loving, unloving – they were people.

The bullying was very chilling. I am not sure if it’s a realistic reflection of what really does occur in high schools but I seriously hope it isn’t. If kids really are as brutal as is shown in the novel, than there is something very wrong with the world.

To wrap things up, this is an awesome book. You should read it. And then you should mark your calendar and count down for the next one in the series.
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Nafiza This is dangerously addictive. I love it's pacing. I wish I didn't have to sleep. :(

Angelique THAT good? I want to read it, too, but I'll have to wait for the paperback at least till the end of August... oh, that sucks.

Nafiza That's why I love libraries. Hehe. I would never be able to read half of what I do if I had to buy them all. But this one seems like it's worth collecting.

Angelique I can only dream about English libraries... I would live in one if I could. (In German libraries, the English section is either non-existent or very small - finding a book I'd like to read is like buying a pair of shoes that really really fit you - it is an unexpected surprise.)

Krystle Nevermore rocks my socks!

Nafiza The cliffhanger killed me, Krystle!

Krystle LoL, it didn't kill me but I can't wait to read the next one!

Nafiza I can't either. And I haaaate waiting.

Aleeeeeza great review! this one sounds so different...!

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