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Siren by Tricia Rayburn
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Siren was a chilling start to a new series. The tone of the book was very eerie, and even when scenes were taking place in bustling restaurants full of people, there was definitely this sinister feeling in the atmosphere. The setting was great and well written, and I had no trouble believing there was something very wrong with Winter Harbor. I think the ominous air was probably one of my favourite parts of the book – it stayed with me throughout the whole book, and I could never forget the dark, creepy mood that followed the people in town wherever they went.

Vanessa, our main character, intrigued me; she wasn’t like a usual heroine at all. Practically terrified of everything – water, heights, being alone to name a few – Vanessa relied on her sister, Justine, to protect her and help her out. So when Justine died, Vanessa had a lot to deal with. She no longer had anyone to help her face her fears, and on top of that, she had to cope with the fact her sister wasn’t the girl she thought she was. Justine was keeping secrets from Vanessa and that closeness they shared was undermined by the lies that Justine told. It was an interesting set-up – Vanessa wasn’t strong at all to begin with. She was scared, unsure of herself and didn’t know what to do with her life. But as the book went on, you could see her begin to change. Determined to find out what really happened to her sister, she started to gain a little confidence. Started to do and say things she never would have before. I liked seeing her grow and attempt to face her fears. While I found her a little difficult to connect to at times, I liked her overall and I enjoyed seeing her progress.

The most fascinating character, however, was the one who was dead from the start – Justine. Justine was so much more complex than you would initially imagine. To me, she was an amazing sister. She did some stupid, careless things at time that any angry, jealous sibling would, but Justine was the kind of sister anyone would love to have. She cared for Vanessa so much, and despite her own problems and struggles, she always tried to look out for her. I felt so bad for Justine as the book went on, because we found out she was dealing with a lot of issues. She had a lot of sadness and frustration inside her – but what could have turned into bitterness and hate, Justine made into something positive. She focused on protecting her sister because she was innocent and she loved her, and even though Vanessa could be the source of Justine’s anguish, she never blamed her for it. I think Justine has such an unfair life. I really felt for her, and just wanted her to be happy. But obviously it was too late for that.

Simon, Vanessa’s love interest, was the cute, nerdy type. I did like him and I thought the romance between him and Vanessa was sweet, though I did struggle with their relationship a bit. I know they were childhood friends and knew each other for years, but I think the transition between friends to something more happened a bit quickly, without much warning. However, I did like their scenes together. I do wish we had found out more about Simon, though. All I really knew about him was that he liked science and the weather and was the calm counterpart to his brother Caleb’s more carefree and reckless personality.

The story in Siren was very enjoyable. I liked finding out about Paige (Vanessa’s friend, who I really liked for her kind and fun nature) and Zara (Paige’s sister) and how everything was connected to the sirens. The siren aspect did confuse me a little, because I wasn’t entirely sure why certain sirens developed siren characteristics after they found out they were sirens. Before, they were just normal. I get it was something to do with the saltwater but I was a little unsure about it all. But maybe this is explained more in book two. The mystery was great, and every time another dead man washed up with a grin on his face, I knew we were one step closer to finding out what was really going on. There was a twist at the end that I didn’t see coming, though I did suspect something was not quite right in Vanessa’s life. The way things wrapped up seemed a little rushed to me, but I did like the final pages. I also liked the way the book made you think about things. At the start, I really liked Vanessa’s dad. He was funny and seemed to really love his daughter. By the end however, I was confused. I didn’t know what to think anymore. His personality hadn’t changed but I saw him in another light. And I started to view Vanessa’s mother differently too. I originally disliked her, but then I began to see maybe there was a reason she behaved the way she did.

Overall, I enjoyed Siren and would recommend it to fans of mythology. I’m definitely excited to read the sequel.

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