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Will Grayson, Will Grayson by John Green
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Aug 24, 2010

it was amazing
bookshelves: audio, young-adult, fiction, glbt, romance, humor, award-winning, wt-challenge, 9-105, five-stars, read-as-an-adult, read-in-2011
Recommended for: open minded individuals with a good sense of humor
Read from August 31 to September 01, 2011 — I own a copy

This is the second Levithan book that I've read, and I have to say I really enjoy his writing. Before stumbling across him, the only GLBT fiction that I had read was Melusine, and, while that book is beautiful, it takes itself very seriously. Levithan's approach to the subject, while presenting some very serious ideas, also shows the absurd, and I think that's one of the reasons I love it.

One of the most important things that this (and Boy Meets Boy) never fails to forget is that the characters are kids. Kids on the verge of adulthood, just discovering and trying to figure out what life is and how they want to be. The characters are complex, and messy, real. They all have faults. They all have their own points of view. They're all simply trying to Figure Stuff Out.

The book made me laugh so hard I was crying. It made me choke up and want to hug the characters and tell them that things would be okay. I wanted to tell the parents that I thought they were awesome. Basically, Green and Levithan made me care. It was, I felt, a heart-warming, fun ride that I won't soon forget. And Tiny? I appreciate you.

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Reading Progress

5.0% "So, we know that the main character is going to, at some point in the book, cry. 1% // "...and then she has to go cut cancer out of someone." heh. 2% // "Hopefully, go find a guy who knows that there's no U in awesome." That sounds like something I'd say. Not just think. I'm a meangirl. 3% // Oh. My. God. I think I just died laughing. The "pick your friends" phrase will never be the same to me again. 5%"
6.0% "Eeyore Will reminds me so much of one of my high school crushes. God, he was such an emokid. 5% // Tears are honestly rolling, I'm laughing so hard at EW's diatribe on lolspeak. Deargod. 6% // "I'm working." "On what?" "On my suicide note." I'm in love. 6%"
15.0% ""World's Greatest Mom of a Depressive Fuckup" sweatshirt. ...I'm half tempted to make my mother a sweatshirt like that. I'm sure Cafe Press would do it. Oooof course, she hasn't actually read this book, so probably wouldn't get the joke. 7% // God, this meeting is so completely over the top. I LOVE IT. 14% // So, really, what BFW likes the most is the stalking. Gotcha. 15%"
16.0% ""And if he wants to be a skipper, then that's his right as a huge American." :D Okay, I need to stop quoting every other sentence. 16% // I'm not sure how I feel about how easy getting a fake DL is in this book. I mean, it *is* directed to YA. What are we saying here? 16%"
19.0% ""We're not that close. Maura is the kind of friend I enjoy swapping Doomsday scenarios with. She is NOT, however, someone who makes me want to prevent Doomsday from happening." ...I don't know what this means. 17% // YES! Complete with bad poetry! 19% // "There's no such thing as a fuck-cure." ...I'm not completely convinced that that's true. 19%"
41.0% ""Compromise is when you do what I tell you and I do what I want." LOL!! 27% // **headdesk** I actually googled to find out if The Maybe Dead Cats was a real band. least I'm cute? 28% // Oh, my god. I love the porn store scene. 30% // "It could be an action flick called Die, Mockingbird, Die..." 32% // Oh... oh poor baby. I just want to hold him and tell him it'll be okay. And I know that it's just a book. 41%"
59.0% ""You want me to play a fictionalized version of my own ex-boyfriend? I think not." 55% // "Everything's coming up Tiny!" God. He's so completely full of himself, and yet, it works. 56% // EG's mom is actually pretty damn cool. 56% // Oh god oh god these SONGS. 57% // The alarm clock goes off with such ferocity that it kind of hurts my feelings. God.. GOD.. If I could just *write* like that. 59%"
71.0% "...dude. Schrodinger's Cat as an analogy for love? Green (I'm assuming,) you just lost me there, buddy. 67% // Wow. Tiny man, you ass. How can you be so cool to EG and then be so cruel to the guy who considers you his best friend? 70% // "You're just -er" ...that's actually really sweet and romantic. And real. 71%"
100.0% ""No one appreciates me and what I do!" All of the characters are trying to live their lives with the least amount of pain. Pain avoidance. Doesn't work that way, kiddos. 81% // God, I'm getting choked up with this. Poor babies. Poor confused, growing up, scared babies. But... does it get any better? 82% // Love the ending. I appreciate you, Tiny. 100%"

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Maree haha, sounds like you're enjoying it at least!

Jesi Tears are honestly rolling, I'm laughing so hard at Eeyore Will's diatribe on lolspeak. And? I'm at work, so imagine that. Deargod.

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