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Wizard and Glass by Stephen King
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** spoiler alert ** i have had it with stephen king. HAD IT. i thought i had had it after the mess that was Duma Key. i thought i had had it again after the debacle that was Kingdom Hospital. but this... this is it. i am done. finished. i can think of only one other series that i abandoned in the middle because i couldn't handle it any more.

the dark tower series is described as stephen king at his finest. his masterpiece. his tour de force. wrong, wrong, wrong. i don't think the man is capable of a tour de force. i'm going to limit the things i hated about the book, and the series, because i'm sure if i went off on it like i want to i would run out of room, not to mention being so irritated for the rest of the day as to be useless.

king is a child. i have never read an author so entranced by whores, flatulence, aberrant behavior (especially sexual) and the c-word. he gets away with his behavior because even during the writing of the dark tower, his editors seemed to not care. he was untouchable. i somehow hope that at least one editor saw untouchable as a bad thing, not a good thing, and just walked away.

detta walker. holy mother of pearl, detta walker. every time she opened her mouth, i cringed. i felt by even reading the words he wrote for her, i was setting back the civil rights movement by 50 years. unbelievable. i am without words. the whole scene in the waste lands with her and the demon made me cringe.

on a related note, once upon a time i read another book. in that book, the characters were lost in a desert, and they happened upon a kindly old prospector who gave them wisdom and help. they asked his name, and what was the name he gave? clive cussler. the author had written himself into the book. just a few paragraphs, just a few sentences. at the time, i thought that was one of the stupidest, most arrogant writing tricks in the book. i lost huge amounts of respect for an author i didn't like much in the first place.

king puts himself as a major character in two of his books. TWO of them. the books, the quests, the characters aren't able to be finished without him. it is the single most arrogant, stupid, pathetic and cheap trick any author i have ever read has pulled, bar none, and it is completely inexcusable.

king and his reviewers talk about his homage, his inspiration. he claims inspiration from tolkien, and he takes whole scenes, large parts of books and ideas from movies and other authors. it is supposed to be because he is blending worlds and blurring the lines of reality. in practice, he is stealing. he has no ideas of his own, and he can't even come up with weapons that aren't taken directly from other authors' works. and honestly, when you have to steal from jk rowling, how far down have you gone?

the edition i had also had full color pictures. not, you know, well done pictures. and really, how many pictures of one naked woman do you need? a few less than are in there, that's how many.

no more, mr king. not one more minute.

0 stars.

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