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Magic Study by Maria V. Snyder
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4.5 Stars...

That was MIND BLOWING... Almost as good as POISON STUDY, ALMOST...


I loved exploring Yelena's powers and seeing what she's really capable of after everything she's been through. This was an epic follow up and I can't WAIT to read FIRE STUDY, then... SHADOW STUDY when it releases next month!!





~~~~~EDIT REVIEW~~~~~

4.5 Stars

MAGIC STUDY was a spiraling world of magic, love, survival, determination, all weaved around the magical elements of danger, betrayal, drama, lies, and murder...

MAGIC STUDY was just about everything I hoped for, almost... This book was so much fun and introduced a whole new world to this series that I couldn't get enough of.

But the downside to MAGIC STUDY was that I wanted, no, NEED, more of VALEK!! He didn't show up until more then halfway though the book, then when we did, he wasn't there a lot. And that drove me CRAZY. Granted, it all still played out amazing, and had twist and turns that I loved, but I would of enjoyed them a lot more if Valek was there through most of them! ;)

Another small issue I had was that in POISON STUDY Yelena and Valek didn't act on they're feelings until almost the end of the book, but when they finally did express they're true feelings for each other, it felt rushed and not as developed as I hoped for. But in a way it was understandable because they were in a dire situation where they weren't able to fully express their-selves.

But in MAGIC STUDY, it still didn't really develop the way I wanted. They just picked up with how much they loved each other, but not a lot of talking about their feelings. Really, every time they got together they hardly even talked at all. And that drove me INSANE!!! I LOVE them as a couple. I think they're both awesome characters, and are well developed, but their relationship is not. I know they love each other, I mean it's definitely obvious. Because in POISON STUDY they're feelings built up from the beginning to almost the end, and had plenty of time for those feelings to progress and truly blossom into the love that they have for each other. But once they got together, I wanted more feelings, more talk, more togetherness, MORE OF THEM!! I don't know if that makes any sense, but nevertheless, I LOVE them together and apart, I just wish they had more time together to develop their feels for each other.

That aside, the rest of the book was AMAZING!! I loved all the new and old characters that came into play in MAGIC STUDY, and the direction that the plot took. I loved all the magic and adventure, and meeting Yelena's family, and the strong bonds and allies she built. And the new enemies she established in Sitia. I would of liked to visit Ixia again, but that's okay I'm sure we will in the next book, FIRE STUDY!


Yelena has left Ixia behind, forced to flea or face execution from the Commander for being a magician and having the power of magic pulse through her veins. She's eager, but nervous about returning to her homeland of Sitia, where she will learn how to wield her magic and reunite with her long-lost-family that she was stolen from all those years ago. But Yelena realizes very quickly that not everyone is willing to accept her with open arms in the magical city. Some think she has ulterior motives, some are even willing to kill her for it...

Now in Sitia and no longer forced to shield her powers, Yelena is able to let go and let free. But Yelena magic is stronger then she or her magician teacher and closet friend Iris, ever thought. Some are even threatened by her and the power she possesses, which happens to be progressing and becoming stronger with each passing day.

But the power is not the problem, she has an enormous power within, what she is struggling with is the control. With her power quickly strengthening at alarming rate, and her displaying unique powers that were once feared, it makes grasping and controlling all this power unsteady and very dangerous. Yelena must learn to wield and control her magic quickly if she has any chance of surviving her homecoming to Sitia.

Theirs a powerful magician stealing the souls of lesser magicians and claiming their magic for themselves. And if they're not stopped, not only will innocent lives be lost, but all of Sitia will fall under the control of the Soul Stealers power. Once the Soul Stealer claims enough souls and magical powers, he will be nearly unstoppable...

With Yelena's strengthening power, and her unique abilities, she may be the only one equipped enough to stop the Soul Stealer before all of the Country plunges into darkness and evil...

Yelena will have to dig deep within to discover who she really is and what she's actually capable of to complete the mission she's set out for. But she's unequipped to go at it alone. She must call on some old friends, including her most strongest ally of all, Valek, and build bonds with new allies in her hometown country of Sitia if she has any chance at stopping this madman before it's too late. But every step she takes seems like their is always someone there trying to keep her from conquering her goal. She will have to be prepared to face all, and determined to overcome the unthinkable if she's going to defeat the evil threatening to claim the country she's grown to love.

MAGIC STUDY was almost as good as I hoped for, minus the issue I had with the relationship development, it was perfect! I only knocked a half of star off my rating for the lack of development in Yelena and Valek's relationship. BUT... I STILL LOVED THEM BOTH. No matter how much time they spent together or apart and how deep they're feelings were talked about with each other. I still enjoyed their time together and can't wait to see them reunite again in FIRE STUDY!!

Overall, MAGIC STUDY was a magically alluring, and utterly addicting read from beginning to end. Maria V. Snyder captured my heart in POISON STUDY, and owned it with MAGIC STUDY, and I'm sure FIRE STUDY will be the link that ties them all together and completes my heart as whole.
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Holly Yeah the idea of a poison taster really resonated with me. I think if I remember right I didn't love the third one as much as the first two but still really compelling. Happy to see there's a new one coming out!

Katelin I agree with the romance between Yelena and Valek; It sorta seemed a bit rushed and tbh there wasn't enough romance for my liking but HEY it was a good sequel but Poison Study was just more interesting ._.

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