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Portal by Imogen Rose
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Aug 21, 2010

it was amazing

I was overjoyed when Imogen Rose sent Portal to me for review, as i've had my eye on it for awhile! This book was everything that I expected it to be, and more. A mysterious, enjoyable read with a relatable main character and time-travel and romance.

I could really connect with Arizona. She finds herself in an alternate world with a whole new life and feels frustrated and confused. I felt like I would do the same things Arizona did, had I found myself in her situation. She feels a lot of anger towards her mother, once she finds out that she is behind everything. She is completely different person in the alternate world and wants to go back to the way she was before.

Olivia, Arizona's mother, was a very selfish character and only thought about herself throughout the whole story. I was glad that Ms. Rose had chapters told through Olivia's perspective, as I got to really understand her motives, though I didn't like them. All she is concerned about is being with the love of her life, Rupert, and the heck with the consequences. She thinks her new life will be perfect, with the love of her life beside her and her children brought with her to her new life. What she doesn't expect is Arizona to remember her past life.

The supporting characters were all enjoyable and I found myself supporting all of them. My favorite character would have to be Kellan, as he is such a darling to Arizona. Though they start off a little rocky in the beginning, he and Arizona come to truly love each other.

I really loved Imogen Rose's unique story and I can't wait to read the second book in the series, Equilibrium. I would recommend this book to anyone looking for a new take on YA fantasy romance!

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