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Zorro by Isabel Allende
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Aug 20, 2010

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It's unfortunate that I read this book immediately after finishing Daughter of Fortune. I could hardly believe they were written by the same author. But that doesn't mean Zorro is a bad book... it's just that Daughter of Fortune is so incredibly well written that most everything else pales in comparison. So I have to look at Zorro separately from Isabel Allende's body of work. I know that she was hesitant to write this story, it was not her idea and I think that's the main reason is seems to missing her usual spark of passion.

I was not familiar with the story of Zorro beyond the masked/caped sword fighter and the letter Z. So I have no idea how this version compares to others. I found it a lighthearted, fast paced, but ultimately uneven story. I think much more could have been done with the character of Zorro. In all honesty, I wasn't the least bit captivated by him. He doesn't come across as being particularly dashing, or suave, or intriguing. I thought his "milk brother" Bernardo was more mysterious and heroic.

I hope that no one reads this book and assumes it represents Isabel Allende's other work. There really is no comparison. She is an amazing writer who is talented beyond words. I honestly believe she took on a project that she wasn't that invested in, and it shows. If this wasn't a book authored by her, and I had just stumbled across it, I may have enjoyed it more. But I know what she is capable of so I was disappointed. In the end, it was a quick, relaxing, no-brainer read... perfect for those hot summer days.
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