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Dawn by Elie Wiesel
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Aug 17, 2010

really liked it

Dawn is the second book in Elie Weisel's trilogy (after Night.) However, it is not really a sequel, as Night is a memoir and Dawn is fiction.

Dawn is about Elisha, a Holocaust survivor. After the war, he moves to the British Mandate of Palestine and joins a terrorist group determined to purge the British from the area. One night, Elisha is told he must execute British soldier. The novel is about Elisha dealing with his own turmoil.

I recall reading shortly after I completed Dawn that Wiesel wrote it to entertain the thoughts of what could have been had he chosen to choose a different path after the Holocaust. It's so easy to say I could never murder someone, but when you are tortured, starved, left to rot, it no longer becomes so cut and dry. It's easy to assume, oh, I could never take another's life, but when you have watched your family beaten to death, it's not that simple. And that is how this book should be read. Read Night first. Go into Dawn with that mind-set. Everything you love, everything you know has been stripped away from you. Now you are left alone to pick up the pieces in this hell we call a world.
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