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The Raven Prince by Elizabeth Hoyt
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One of the problems with reading a very popular romance novel after everyone on the planet has already read it, is trying to find something to say about why you loved it that isn't the same as everyone else. Everyone has already talked about story, the depth, the meaning, the writing, the Beauty and the Beast angle, the main characters, the steamy scenes - what's left?

I loved this everything about this book. It's going on my favourites shelf - where I keep the books that I re-read and love most of all. There is something about it that enables me to lose myself in the story, feel the attraction, feel the tension between them, fall in love with Edward and wish I was Anna. One of my favourite scenes is one where Edward has bet Anna that she can't make his dog answer to a name she has just given it, and the forfeit is a kiss:

Anna began to tremble. He bent his dark head toward hers, and his warm breath caressed her lips. She closed her eyes. And heard the dog clatter into the yard. Anna opened her eyes. Lord Swartingham was frozen. Slowly he turned his head, still only inches from hers, to stare at the canine. The dog grinned back, tongue hanging from his mouth, panting. "Shit," the earl breathed. Quite, Anna thought.

Part of the appeal for me is in the way that Edward and Anna are portrayed. Neither is "stop-traffic" gorgeous. It takes a second look before you appreciate the beauty of Edward's eyes, for example, or the shape of Anna's mouth. There is so much more depth to a person, imo, when their wit and their personality is part of what makes them attractive. This is what attracts me in real life and I suppose it follows me into my reading. Plastic, barbie-doll beauty has never held any appeal for me - either in men or women. (Unless it's Halle Barry. That woman is so beautiful she exists on a whole other plane.)

Anyway. That's what I liked the most about this book. Elizabeth Hoyt forces you to look past the scars and the grumpiness to see the serious hottie hiding behind them. Oh all right, and the lonely man convinced no one will want him because of those scars. (That's the touchy-feely part. I just thought Edward was seriously sexy.)

So no matter which romance trope is your favourite -- Ugly Duckling, widow/spinster, Beauty and the Beast, boss/secretary, this one has a bit of everything. Throw in some hilarious secondary characters (I'm thinking of Edward's valet, Davis), an intriguing fallen woman, and an excellent introduction to The Princes, Leopard and Serpent, and you end up with a book that was, for me, almost perfect.

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0.0% ""The combination of a horse galloping too fast, a muddy lane with a curve, and a lady pedestrian is never a good one."" 7 comments
02/26 page 106
27.0% "Anna began to tremble. He bent his dark head toward hers, and his warm breath caressed her lips. She closed her eyes. And heard the dog clatter into the yard. Anna opened her eyes. Lord Swartingham was frozen. Slowly he turned his head, still only inches from hers, to stare at the canine. The dog grinned back, tongue hanging from his mouth, panting. "Shit," the earl breathed. Quite, Anna thought." 4 comments
02/26 page 124
32.0% ""I can get you a night with an accomplished male whole or a virginal schoolboy." Coral's eyes widened. "Famous libertines or ragpickers off the street. One very special man or ten complete strangers. Dark men, red men, yellow men, men you've only dreamed of in the black of night, lonely in your bed, snug under your covers. Whatever you long for. Whatever you desire. Whatever you crave. You have only to ask me."" 8 comments
02/27 page 228
59.0% "She hissed in his ear, "he wanted me to become his mistress. I refused." Edward allowed himself to be pulled into the dancer again, although they were no longer in time to the music. "I never want to hear someone speak so of you again." "A fine sentiment, I'm sure," she replied tartly. "But you can hardly spend the rest of your life following me about intimidating the impertinent."" 1 comment
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message 1: by Karla (new) - added it

Karla I'm interested in this one since it's a mistress heroine. Right? Or am I thinking of a different book?

Tammy Walton Grant Hi Karla! She's a widow and becomes his secretary, then there's a very interesting twist that involves a brothel.

Not really a mistress, but it's good anyway. And it's Georgian - I like that period WAY more than Regency.

message 3: by Karla (new) - added it

Karla OK, I guess it was the brothel bit I was remembering - I knew it was something that usually hits some readers' anger buttons (sensitive souls that they are LOL)

Tammy Walton Grant There's a bit of a blackmail plot, a couple of prostitutes and a beating thrown in for good measure. And a duel! (and, being a Georgian historical, it's with swords instead of pistols, yay!)

The writing is pretty good - you might enjoy this one.

Gigi Tammy! I'm glad you liked it!

Tammy Walton Grant Hey Gigi! I did like it, very much, and now can't wait to read the next 2. And everything else Elizabeth Hoyt has written. What have you been up to?

message 7: by Gigi (last edited Feb 27, 2011 04:54PM) (new) - rated it 4 stars

Gigi Hey Tammy! I haven't been up to much. What about you? I'm going to try to read The Duke this coming month. And I'm feeling the need to read another LaVryle book! I have to see if I've added the next Hoyt Prince book in the series. She's a very good writer.

Tammy Walton Grant Same old, same old, Gigi -- work, read, surf GR, ignore housework, husband and kids, over and over. LOL! Any signs of spring where you are, or are you still buried in snow?

Gigi LOL!! Mommy deserves her me time!!!

Well, the snow has mostly disappeared...yayyyyy!!! However, its still very cold. Supposedly, we're going to have an early spring *fingers crossed*. I could certainly use a break from winter. LOL!

Whats it like weather-wise in your neck of the woods now?

If we were to create a gritty scale in addition to regular GR ratings. For example, like 1-3...1 being that JQ book and 3 being Hummingbird. How would you rate this one on the gritty scale?

Tammy Walton Grant It's still cold up here, and we got dumped on for snow again yesterday, then the wind came up and blew it around....blech.

I wouldn't say this was gritty - how about 'meaty'? This one I would rate about the same as Hummingbird. Not quite as angsty, and with hotter sex. (HA!)

message 11: by Gigi (new) - rated it 4 stars

Gigi LOL! Meaty, love it. LOL So, I guess The Duke would qualify as gritty?

Denise I like your comment about "to see the serious hottie hiding behind them."

Tammy Walton Grant Thanks Denise! The scene where he jumps into the water (to grab the sheep that's fallen in) made my stomach ache, lol. I liked Edward very much.

UniquelyMoi ~ BlithelyBookish I just loved this entire trilogy! So, so good. And this book... Edward's poor self image was both heartbreaking and heartwarming because he accepted his scars, lived with them, and tried not to let them affect who he is, but you could see in painfully poignant moments, that they did.

Wonderful review, Tammy!

Tammy Walton Grant Thanks, Dhes! You're exactly right about the moments, as well. Too many of them and it's too sappy for me, but this was just right. I know I've bought into it totally when I want to hip-check the heroine right out of the book and slide in myself. ;D

I'm looking forward to The Leopard Prince.

UniquelyMoi ~ BlithelyBookish So true, Tammy!!! I would have given anything to have a man like Edward in my life. In my heart. In my bed. ;)

UniquelyMoi ~ BlithelyBookish I just did a re-read of my review, and I remember now how much I loved all of the characters - even the staff were great!

Tammy Walton Grant I especialy liked Davis -- the scene where he smells Edward after Anna has put the salve on his face made me laugh out loud.

"Christ all Jaysus! Fell in a pigsty, did you?"

Tammy Walton Grant UniquelyMoi *~*Dhestiny*~* wrote: "So true, Tammy!!! I would have given anything to have a man like Edward in my life. In my heart. In my bed. ;)"

Ditto, ditto, ditto. Sigh.

 Danielle The Book Huntress (Back to the Books) Great review, Tammy. I totally agree with you about the Barbie/Ken types not appealing. I think Halle Berry is gorgeous too.

Tammy Walton Grant Thanks, Danielle! While I can appreciate physical beauty on an aesthetic level, I don't usually find it sexy, if that makes sense. (Unless it's Gabriel Aubrey - he's beautiful AND sexy. Ha, and was with Halle Berry. How's that for a cosmic coincidence, lol.)

A sexy gleam in the eye is much more appealing than a straight nose and perfect teeth, imo. :)

 Danielle The Book Huntress (Back to the Books) It totally makes sense. I have an artist's eye, so I appreciate beauty very much. But there has to be something deeper, a truth that speaks to me. It's the same way with a striking painting, no?

Tammy Walton Grant Exactly!

message 24: by Catherine (new) - added it

Catherine Great review, Tammy! I really enjoyed the connection between the h/h in this book. I thought they fit perfectly together. Do you plan to read the next two?

Tammy Walton Grant Thanks Catherine! I have the next 2 sitting on my bookshelf (calling to me every day, lol). I'm trying to space out my Hoyt books. :)

message 26: by Catherine (new) - added it

Catherine I understand why you would. I do the same thing with Anne Mallory.

Tammy Walton Grant You know, I got Seven Secrets of Seduction from the library and read it in April, but wasn't sure what I thought of it. Read it too fast, as usual, but it went back to the library before I had a chance to re-read it.

Maybe that will be one of my first purchases for my new kindle when it comes. :)

message 28: by Catherine (new) - added it

Catherine Hurray! I hope you fall in love with it the second time around. I have no clue what my cherry-popper will be. I'll have to think on it.

Tammy Walton Grant I hope so too, the premise was excellent!


LOL! That sounds dirty. ;D

Tammy Walton Grant Thank you!!

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