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Elite Metal by Roxie Rivera
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Jan 16, 2015

really liked it
bookshelves: worth-a-second-read, favorite

How many fans of the Avengers out there? *raises hand* Oh yes! Well guess what. Some of my favorite authors have put together the most amazing collection of “avengers.” Okay, so none of them are from another planet. They are all from the good ol’ US of A. None of them have actual “superpowers.” They just have all the best training that can be provided, not to mention natural talents. What they do all have in common though? Loyalty. Honor. Family. And a thirst for vengeance.

Enter the world of Elite Metal. To the outside world they are a Motorcycle club. Little does the world know that they are also the most lethal group of highly skilled former Marines with a driving desire to bring down the forces that almost destroyed them with bad intel and then left them abandoned to a cruel unforgiving world with no past and bleak futures. Meet these down to earth Avengers and the people they love.

Meet Steele – BOUND BY STEELE by Jennifer Kacey & Anna Alexander – one of the tortured, guilt ridden leaders of Elite Recon who made a disastrous decision that destroyed the teams and Alayna, the CIA mole that was fed bad intel. Their coming together lead to healing, forgiveness, and hope that there was still a future.

Co-leader Chrome – CHROME’S SALVATION by Jennifer Kacey – and Cammie. Cammie is so sweet doing all she can to get her young siblings back safe and sound, but she brought Chrome to his knees.

Computer geek, Adamantium –ADAMANTIUM’S ROAR by Anna Alexander – gets smack upside the head by his past when he finds high school crush Beth in need of the kind of help only he and his brothers and sister can provide.

Chameleon, Copper – PURE COPPER by Heather Long – the only female of the group, gets sideswiped by the only person who has ever actually seen HER, former CIA agent Gabriel.

Hot Master Dom Sterling – STERLING’S SEDUCTION – meets his match with reporter Roni when she shows up. She may look like she is only looking for a story, but she just wants her sister back.

PLATINUM’S CHOICE by Rebecca Royce – he just wanted what everyone else wanted. His family to be safe. Hence no-one knew about his son until someone starts taking shots at The Boy and his teacher, Rose.

Heavily scarred Mercury – MERCURY’S POISON by Saranna DeWylde – doesn’t feel he has any redeeming qualities left until Dr. Hazel insists over wise.

Silver – FORGED IN SILVER by Roxie Rivera – the bad boy of the group needs the most forgiveness for his choices. But Poppy, the “liaison” between the team and Warbucks is more than ready to bring this bad boy back to the fold. I was so happy to see Poppy get to find happiness too.

Warbucks? He was the elusive “money man” that – um – initiated these “Avengers” back into the fight against the evils of the world, like Red Wolf. *sigh* Although, I think he needs to get a larger compound. The team keeps acquiring more family.

Let’s not forget the “ghosts” that flitted around each of the stories. Just who are they? Why are they here?

I adored how these authors came together to present this collection of stories about heroes that we all want out there looking out for us, and the extended family that provides them the courage and drive to continue the fight no one else wants to undertake. Each author brought her own voice to this collection but each contributed to the overall theme of loyalty, honor and family. Well done.

I even loved the WTF ending that was lobbed at us. I can’t wait for the next book!

I was provide a copy of this book in exchange for an honest review.
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message 1: by Kim (new) - rated it 4 stars

Kim C. Woah. Wait a minute... "the WTF ending"? Is this a cliffhanger?

Pansy No! It was not a cliffhanger! Just a great set up for another book.

message 3: by Kim (new) - rated it 4 stars

Kim C. Whew. I just bought this yesterday and was going to be ticked off if it was a cliffy. I hate cliffhangers. Thank you for the clarification!!

Pansy My pleasure! I hate cliffhangers too! Hope you love this book as much as I did! I thought it was one of the best in this genre that I have read! Enjoy!

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