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Dearly Devoted Dexter by Jeff Lindsay
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Aug 16, 2010

it was amazing

Doakes is on to Dexter. The havoc this will create is the basis of book two and the cause of a large proportion of the action. While being tailed Dexter has to stay as annoyingly normal as possible, which ends up meaning endless visits to Rita's while planted on her couch drinking beer or playing kick the can with the neighborhood kids. Mix the normal with a new serial killer and you have the recipe for Jeff Lindsay's second book Dearly Devoted Dexter.

Book two has really only one aspect similar to season two of Dexter, the Doakes issue. And even that is different (can I just say? I prefer the Doakes solution in the book to the series). Most significantly the annoying Lila is non-existent in the book, thank the lord! I couldn't stand two more seconds of her than I had too.

Dexter remains uproariously funny and enjoyable through out. Some of my favorite parts are while Doakes is "Driving him normal" especially when he accidentally gets drunk at Rita's:

But what the hell- it was a light beer; or as the can proudly proclaimed: LITE BEER. I suppose we should be very grateful they hadn't thought of a cuter way to spell beer.
I took a big sip. It wasn't that bad when you got used to it. By golly, it really WAS relaxing. I, at any rate, felt more relaxed with each swig. Another refreshing sip-I couldn't remember that it had tasted this good when I'd tried it in college. Of course, I was just a boy then, not the manly mature hardworking upright citizen I was now. I tilted the can, but nothing came out.
Well-somehow the can was empty. And yet I was still thirsty. Could this unpleasant situation really be tolerated? I thought not. Absolutely intolerable. In fact, I did not plan to tolerate it. I stood up and proceeded to the kitchen in a firm and unyielding manner. There were several more cans of lite beer in the refrigerator and I took one back to the couch.
Dearly Devoted Dexter had me laughing out loud while turning the pages eagerly for the out come of events. So many great twists, which I won't spoil here, but suffice it to say I now wish they'd done some things differently in the series...IE: Cody and Astor (you'll see what I mean when you get there!).

Book two has me eagerly anticipating book 5, Dexter Is Delicious due out September 7th (good lord, I have a lot of books to read between August 23 and September 7th, maybe I should book some vacation time!). Hip Hip Hooray, Jeff Lindsay for a great read, even with a TV network running away with his main charecter.

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